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   Chapter 254 What's Wrong With You

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Indeed, everything left behind by the dead Iris was a valuable treasure for Amelia.

She didn't want to lose it, so after some hesitation, she decisively promised Fannie.

She had just to talk with Fannie and Lucian was going through the discharge formalities. Before leaving, she had specially asked the bodyguards of Nicholas to look after him.

They were on the rooftop of the hospital.

"Tell me, what do you want?" After arriving at the rooftop, Amelia came straight to the point.

Though the summer sun was very pungent, and it was still early in the morning, the wind on the rooftop was quite cool.

Amelia put her hair in her ears and squinted at Fannie, waiting for her conditions.

"Good. I hope you will agree after I make some conditions." Her lips curved in an almost invisible smile, and then she said with a smile, "My conditions are very simple. First, keep Mark here and leave Lucian forever. Second, live with Lucian, but you have no right to inherit the property of the Zhan Group!"

After making these two requests, she seemed to be issued a military order that could not be disobeyed, with no expression on her face.

Gazing at Fannie's serious face, Amelia snorted inwardly.

Fannie was worried that Amelia might take over Lucian's right of inheritance of the Zhan Group.

She knew that Amelia was unwilling to leave Lucian, so she gave her two choices.

Although Amelia had never thought of inheriting the property, Fannie felt that the biggest threat that Amelia had given to her was her right of inheritance.

"Will you do anything to stop it if Mark inherit the property of our company when he grow up?" Fannie's ultimate goal was to strengthen her own position in the Zhan Group.

Amelia gave a wry smile. She looked so unlucky.

"Amelia, don't be arrogant just because you have Mark!" Her face turned pale, perhaps because she did think it was not easy to convince Amelia.

"It's just a letter? It doesn't matter." Amelia pretended not to care about her words at all and turned around to leave.

"If you're not interested in this letter, I'll just tear it up and make you an illegitimate daughter forever!" she shouted, her face turning pale all of a sudden.

Amelia's back trembled. She was angry because she thought that what she said was unfair to her dead mother.

She turned around, with her eyes burning, and said angrily, "You're dissatisfied with what you have, aren't you? Do you think that Lucian is not your biological son and your husband is indifferent to you? Are you always seeking a sense of security because you are afraid of being abandoned? "

She had thought that she would never say something like that in her heart, but now she said it so easily at some point.

She thought that Fannie would retor

She wanted to ask him why he had kept the secret about her real identity, but it seemed that it was not appropriate to ask him about it in the present situation.

"It's okay. I'll go back first." Amelia said with a smile.

Perhaps it was because of the smile that had played a role that he was relieved. Then, Lucian added, "I send you back."

Seeing his tone become cautious, she guessed that he was really worried about her. So she softened her tone and said, "Take good care of mom. I can go back on my own."

After saying this, Amelia went downstairs without looking back. She did not pay attention to the facial expression of Lucian, but only heard the sadness in her heart...

In front of the hospital building, she met Shelly and Emma who she hadn't seen for a long time.

Lucian had told her that Shelly had been taken to the police station for several days.

"Amelia..." Shelly said apologetically. She didn't avoid the meeting with her.

She used to be self-willed and arrogant, but now she had a soft expression on her face.

Amelia hoped it was not her illusion. She nodded politely and looked at Emma. "Emma."

After the unpleasant meeting in the An family last time, Amelia had seldom contacted with Jonny, let alone visiting Emma.

Emma gave an amiable smile which turned into a refreshing aura.

"Amelia." Emma replied, somewhat uneasy, not as casual as she used to be. She walked up to Amelia and apologized, "I'm sorry for what happened last time."

Amelia understood that she was feeling guilty for the fact that Jonny forced her to stay with him last time.

"It's over. Let's not talk about it." Amelia shook her head with relief. She wasn't mad at Emma. She thought of the fact that Jonny wanted to take advantage of her last time. If Emma hadn't come to her in time, she would have been hurt by Jonny.

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