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   Chapter 252 My Mother Taught Me.

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"You are such a smart girl! Lucian still said he liked you because you are so stupid." Michael didn't expect that Amelia would react so quickly.

"Are you using this as an excuse to test whether I'm smart or not?" Amelia thought he was a little bored.

Looking at the innocent look in Amelia's eyes, Michael didn't hate her. "You're much gentler than Sasha," he said.

How could he belittle his girlfriend and praise others when he heard her frightening words.

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Mr. Michael's praise didn't please me at all. Instead, I thought you were a hypocrite! " Even though she didn't like Sasha, she still felt bad for what Michael had said about her girlfriend.

"I'm just telling the truth." Michael then put the coffee cup down on the table and took out his phone to check the time. "Lucian texted me that he had already finished his work and would be back soon," he answered.

Fortunately, Michael ended the topic just now. Otherwise, Amelia would frown and take it to heart with his praise.

"You and Lucian are a perfect match." Michael winked at Amelia as he stood up.

Amelia was a little speechless, but she replied quickly, "Mr. Michael is an observant man. I'll take your compliment."

Michael shook his head helplessly and complimented Amelia's intelligence.

Even it was a lunch, the place that Michael chose was a fancy restaurant.

They stepped on the red carpet, walking into the sacred and luxurious restaurant like a palace. Waiters who stood neatly on both sides greeted them like welcoming distinguished guests.

Sitting down, Amelia could tell from the conversation between Michael and the hall manager that this restaurant was owned by Michael's family. No wonder the welcoming ceremony was so grand...

"Lucian, I can't believe your wife has such a high IQ. She always regards me as a bad guy!" After ordering the food, Michael began to report Amelia to Lucian with compliment and criticize.

"Mrs. Amelia, did you hear that? Someone said you are smart." Lucian looked at Amelia with loving eyes. There was no sign of Sasha in his eyes.

Amelia pouted and glared at Michael. "He always set a trap for me. I just play it by ear."

"Lucian, I'm glad that Amelia can be good friends with Michael." At the moment, Sasha's words cast a chill over the room.

The awkward atmosphere was filled by Michael. He continued, "Sasha, you have always been a hot tongued businesswoman? If you want to praise my pleasant personality, say it directly. Don't make any misunderstandings. "

"Look at me. I'm too nervous to talk nonsense." Sasha hurriedly apologized to her. With a guilty look at Amelia, she said, "Please forgive me, Amelia. I shouldn't have been so mean to you."

Amelia didn't respond. She had been tired of watching Sasha make out with the guests.

"Come on, Amelia. It's your favorite fish head with chopped pepper!" After the dishes


"Dad, you should eat now. Your noodles are getting cold." Amelia urged him in a low voice.

At this moment, Nicholas came to his senses and started to eat the noodles. His hand, which was holding the chopsticks, kept shaking.

"How does it taste?" Amelia asked as soon as Nicholas finished eating.

In fact, only she knew that she didn't ask about the taste of the noodles, but about whether or not the noodles could arouse his memory.

Startled, Nicholas nodded excitedly without saying anything.

The thing Iris taught Amelia was to cook noodles.

She remembered that Iris was a good cook. She not only loved the dishes she cooked, but also cooked noodles.

She had tasted different flavors of the noodles over the years. She couldn't forget the special flavor of the noodles made by Iris.

Perhaps it was because of the motherly love.

So just when she was making breakfast, Amelia suddenly thought of the DNA test report took by Fannie that day, and felt a little sad. When she thought of Iris, she couldn't help but want to make a bowl of noodles for Nicholas according to what Iris had taught her.

He finished a bowl of noodles in one bowl. It took Nicholas about half an hour to finish it. Amelia had no idea what was Nicholas thinking when he had the noodle.

After dinner, Nicholas looked at the empty bowl and exclaimed, "this bowl of noodles brought back my dead memory."

Amelia didn't expect that Nicholas didn't shrink from his thought.

Maybe he came here today to confirm the truth of the test report.

'Did Fannie say that both Nicholas and Lucian were afraid that she would find out the truth? 'So Nicholas was not so foolish as to make me deeply disgusted with him.'

While she was thinking about it, Nicholas asked her, "Amelia, your mother must be good at cooking!"

It turned out that Iris cooked for Nicholas before. Otherwise, he wouldn't have reacted just by eating a bowl of noodles.

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