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   Chapter 250 What A Small World

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"Lucian, why did you come back early today?" In the dining room, Amelia asked softly.

"I came back as soon as I finished my work in the company." In fact, he was not in the mood to go to work. He went home after dealing with a few documents.

He thought he could see Amelia when he got home, but he didn't.

He thought she had gone to the flower shop, so he didn't call her to ask. However, when it was the time for dinner, he found that she hadn't returned home, he began to be anxious.

"You are getting better at cooking." Amelia opened her mouth and didn't know what to say.

She was afraid that she might say something wrong when she was nervous.

She finally understood why Lucian didn't tell her the truth. Maybe they both lacked the courage to face that fact.

"Why are you sweating?" Noticing the beads of sweat on Amelia's face, Lucian handed her a tissue and asked, "Why are you sweating when the air conditioner on?"

Hearing his quizzical tone, Amelia was a little bit guilty.

"I did some exercises before I came back." She made a face and stuck out her tongue at him.

On hearing this, Lucian seemed to think of something. He just said lightly, "just eat. Take a shower after resting."

Amelia nodded obediently like a child.

Although both of them had their own thoughts, they cared about each other with great care. So even if they were sad, they could still see a warm side of each other.

Amelia was tossing and turning in bed, unable to fall asleep. Suddenly, Lucian reached out his arm and held her.

"Lucian, are you asleep?" The quiet surrounding made her voice very clear.

Lucian's voice was in a sleepy feeling, which sounded a little tired and sexy. His voice hinted Amelia's heavy heart.

"Good girl, go to sleep. I'm here with you." Lucian held her in his arms and kissed her on the forehead.

Amelia closed her eyes and tried to calm herself down.

The next day, Lucian got up very early. When Amelia woke up, Lucian had already gone out.

After lying on the bed for a while, she felt uneasy whatever she did, perhaps because she was thinking about something.

When she was brushing her teeth in the morning, she did not hold the gargle cup well and it fell on the floor. It immediately broke.

She squatted down to pick it up. Maybe because she was flustered, as soon as she touched it, her finger made a cut and it immediately bled.

She washed her wound with water and went downstairs.

She was so absent-minded that she didn't even notice that the wound was still bleeding.

"Mrs. Amelia, what's wrong with your hand?" When Lily came over, she found that the hand of Amelia was bleeding. She frowned and said with great care, "I'll take the medicine cabinet."

It was not until this moment that Amelia noticed that the small wound had already made her five fingers with blood.

"Mrs. Amelia, why are you so careless? Mr. Lucian was like you and he fell down on the ground this morning!" Lily said as she applied medicine to the wound of Amelia.

ichael looked at Amelia was interesting.

It was not like their first meeting.

But Michael always lived abroad, so it was impossible for Amelia to know him.

"Your wife was in a daze by the sea yesterday. I mistook her for suicide, so I gave some advice to her!" Michael told Lucian about what happened to Amelia yesterday.

After hearing that, Lucian looked at Amelia and asked worriedly, "what's wrong?"

At the sight of Lucian's inquiry, Amelia felt a little sad. After a short pause, she prevaricated, "you haven't accompanied me to the beach for a long time. I suddenly want to go there for some wind. But who knows that someone thinks I'm going for suicide!"

Amelia shook her head. Amelia didn't agree with what Michael said.

"Yes, yes, you're right. I've misunderstood your wife!" Maybe it was the murderous look in Amelia's eyes, so Michael added.

"You two made me confused..." Lucian shook his head helplessly.

"Lucian, you..." Amelia wanted to ask whether Lucian got hurt when he fell in the morning. But in front of Michael, she didn't ask him.

"By the way, Amelia, he's Michael. He was my classmate and friend when I studied abroad. We are on the same age. There are many restaurant chain stores in our country of his family." Then Lucian introduced Michael to Amelia.

She nodded her head politely and said, "Hello, the Zhan Group also has the catering industry. I hope we can cooperate more in the future."

"Ha, I'm curious why the excellent Lucian would marry you. What you said is business cooperation." Michael could not help but tease her.

"No, she is very simple." Lucian corrected his words and looked at Amelia lovingly.

Amelia understood what Lucian meant. He didn't like to do business, so he didn't want to bother her by his work.

When the Zhan Group was in danger, Amelia remorsefully blamed herself for not being able to help. However, when Lucian told him that she liked Amelia's naive, it would be very difficult to yield to a wife as simple as him.

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