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   Chapter 249 You Lack Exercise.

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After the man stood up, Amelia found that he was so tall.

Amelia was about to take the opportunity to drive back, but before she reached the car, the blonde man had already trotted to her, with a few bottles of frozen beer in his hand, and said slowly, "here, drink!"

Amelia looked at him and was confused. She said impatiently, "we don't know each other. Do you think I will definitely drink the wine you bought?"

The man in front of her looked handsome. If he used dirty tricks, Amelia must be mean to him.

"I guess you will say that." The blond man threw a bottle full of wine on the ground, looked at Amelia with an enchanting smile and said in a whisper, "my name is Michael, thirty years old. Nice to meet you."

Looking at the hand stretching out suddenly by Michael, Amelia was at a loss what to do next.

She reached out her hand and politely shook with him, blushing.

"Thank God you are wearing flats." Michael looked at Amelia up and down and said. Then he turned to the endless island and asked, "are you interested in running along the island?"

Following the direction, Amelia found the coast was endless. It was so exhausting to run a circle.

She shook her head, smiled politely and said, "thank you for your kindness. I'll be home."

"Let's go. We will know how small this island is after we run away." After Michael finished his words, he grabbed Amelia's hand and ran along the island.

"Hello!" Amelia was about to refuse him, but her hand was dragged by Michael. She had to run with him.

Without stopping, she smelt the salty water as the wind blew past her ears.

Maybe it was because she hadn't run for a long time, Amelia was too tired to catch her breath after only running a few steps. She begged for mercy, "let go of me first. I can't run anymore!"

She sounded a little flustered. After all, she didn't know Michael very well, but he pulled her to run like a crazy man.

Michael let go of her and smiled at Amelia. His face was so delicate and charming, and anyone could see the tenderness in his eyes.

"You lack exercise!" Michael sounded like a coach.

Amelia glared at Michael and continued, "I didn't say that!" She was still mad at him for having forced her to run.

Seeing the expression of abomination on her face, he didn't get angry but laughed instead, "let's have a rest and go on!"

"What?" Amelia's face was off. She waved her hand unwillingly, "I won't run anymore. If you like to run, just run!"

After that, Amelia was ready to leave.

Michael didn't force her to stay, but said behind her in a soft voice, "it will be better if you don't sweat after the exercises."

Maybe it was because that Amelia was annoyed now, after hearing that key word from the nurse, she would like to try her best to help her.

Amelia turned around and walked up to Michael. She turned to the vast ocean and said, "Run! I want to exercise myself too."

The last time she had jogged was in midd

were her favorite.

She was deeply moved by Lucian's thoughtfulness.

But when she remembered what Fannie told her, she couldn't help but feel a sense of loss.

She picked up the chopsticks and tried some food with her chopsticks, while a feeling of pain arose in her heart.

After she couldn't have enough food, she was about to go upstairs and see Lucian.

What Fannie said was right. She was not only the victim, but also Lucian.

Amelia could hardly imagine what did Lucian think when he knew that he was not Nicholas's biological son...

When she learned from Vernon that she was not his biological daughter, she felt that the whole world was dark.

If it weren't for Lucian who accompanied, encouraged and comforted her, she wouldn't know how long she would be in a dilemma.

After doing the cleaning, Amelia went upstairs to the study.

The door of the study was half open. Amelia knocked gently. After getting consent from Lucian, she pushed the door open and walked in.

After noticing that it was Amelia, Lucian closed the book on the table and stood up. He didn't say anything, but just held her tightly and asked with a worried tone, "Where did you go? The phone can't be connected."

Amelia tried to hold back her tears, "Sorry, I forgot to charge my phone last night."

"It's good that you are back." Lucian released her and stroked her hair. He always looked at her with tender eyes and said, "Let's go downstairs to have dinner."

"I... Just had a little. " She said sheepishly, trying to avoid the sad mood.

"Eat more. Eat with me." Lucian stressed again.

"You haven't eaten yet?" Amelia looked at him in surprise.

Lucian shook his head and said, "I can't eat by myself if you don't come back."

It sounded a little exaggerated, but Lucian was telling the truth.

On the other side, Lucian held the shoulders of Amelia with a faint smile on his face. Although he looked fine, everyone could see the sadness on his face.

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