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   Chapter 248 The Truth

Addicted Love By Xing Jiayi Characters: 10041

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"Since you know that you are not the biological daughter of Vernon, have you ever thought of finding your biological father?" Fannie hoped that Amelia could understand something.

Her biological father? She had thought about it.

When she knew that she was not the biological daughter of Vernon, she almost broke down.

If she hadn't been accompanied and comforted by Lucian, she would surely have died.

But when Fannie mentioned it all of a sudden, she got to know that she was not the biological daughter of Vernon...

"Do you know my biological father?" She stared at Fannie in shock, with great confusion in her heart.

"I not only know him, but also have been married with him for ten years," Fannie said and stared at Amelia.

"You mean..." Amelia was stunned. She didn't expect that, and she never thought

As far as she knew, the man who Fannie had been married for ten years was none other than Nicholas?

"Isn't the truth terrible? But I think it's very exciting! " The triumphant smile on Fannie's face confirmed the hesitation in Amelia's mind.

"No, it can't be. How could it be..." Amelia shook her head and said, "if that's the case, the Mark of I and Lucian..."

She couldn't allow herself to think about it anymore. This was a ridiculous thing made up by Fannie. She couldn't be fooled by Fannie.

"Are you going to let me leave Lucian next?" Amelia smiled coldly as if she had seen through Fannie's mind.

With a leisurely expression on Fannie's face, she took out a piece of paper from her handbag and put it in front of Amelia. "I know you are not a person who is easily to give up!"

Amelia also looked at the DNA test report. Seeing that the name of the tested men was she and Nicholas, her head was blank. She then moved her eyes to the bottom. When she saw the test result, her eyeballs suddenly ached as if needles were pricking her. Her breath became heavy, and her heart ached faintly.

How could this be? According to the test result, she was just Nicholas's biological daughter

"Don't threaten me in this way. No matter what happens, Lucian will always be with me. He will always..." Although she was a little scared, she still kept her reasonable sense.

All the romantic words that Lucian had said to her last night were still lingering in her ears, so she didn't believe this report at all.

"A trick?" "Do you know who gave this report to Nicholas?" Fannie asked.

Shock was written all over Amelia's eyes. Although she was confused, she couldn't help shaking her head.

She wanted to defuse those voices, but Fannie's words could penetrate all over her body and she couldn't avoid.

"Lucian took this report back for inspection." Fannie said in a firm tone without hesitation.

It seemed that Amelia's whole body had been hit by electric shock, and she was in a daze for quite a long time.

Amelia didn't believe that Lucian would do that...

But she couldn't help feeling suspicious, considering the emotional changes of Lucia

Amelia glare at him.

He was a foreigner, but his Chinese was very fluent.

"Do you like to talk to strangers so much?" Amelia glanced at him with contempt and pointed at the woman in bikini. "There are beauties over there. You can go there."

Amelia was not in the mood to talk to him, so she said weakly.

The man couldn't help but make fun of Amelia with a smile on his face. He said, "Are you not unconfident to yourself? But if I really want to flirt with a beauty, I won't do that, because you're such a silly man! "

Amelia was too sad to say anything.

"Would you like some?" The man suddenly passed a bottle of soda to Amelia and stared at her face with his blue eyes.

Amelia seemed a little embarrassed. After all, she didn't know her and didn't know her. Therefore, she shook her head without thinking too much.

"Drink it. You will not die!" The man forcefully put the soda in her hand, and then pointed to the opposite coast. "I come here to take exercise every afternoon. I see you more than once."

"You've seen me before?" Amelia remembered that she had come here with Lucian for three times. Last time, she had come here when she was in a bad mood. But this time, she only came here for five times.

"There was a woman who tried to commit suicide last time. You ran to the seaside like crazy. When I passed by, she called you a mistress." The man opened the soda cap and drank half of it.

Amelia looked at him in silence and swallowed subconsciously. She opened the soda on her hand and gulped it down.

She didn't like eating carbonated drinks, so she felt her stomach was burning as if a knife was cutting it. She choked on it.

"You're taking it as bear." Obviously, the man made fun of Amelia.

He was right. It felt like he was drowning his sorrows with wine.

"It will be better if I can be drunk." She sighed and smiled bitterly.

"It's not easy," The man suddenly stood up and before leaving, he told her, "you stay here. I'll be right there."

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