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   Chapter 246 Amelia Is Innocent

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Although Fannie just came back, she could tell that the conflict between the father and the son was unusual from their blushing faces.

"Be kind to Amelia, because you've already had Mark." Nicholas pleaded in a low voice.

With a playful smile on his cold face, Lucian responded after a long while, "Amelia is my wife, and Mark is my son. I know how to treat him."

Even though his heart was burning, he still felt warm when he thought of Amelia and Mark.

Nicholas seemed to be relieved.

"I'll tell you about your real background some time. The most important thing for you now is to adjust your state of mind." Nicholas exhorted in a low voice before Lucian left the study.

Lucian couldn't help but feel ironic. He looked at Nicholas and asked, "Do we have to talk about this in some special time and occasion?"

Standing at the door of the study, Fannie involuntarily clasped her hands together when she heard they mentioned Lucian's background. She was extremely anxious when she heard that.

She didn't expect that day would come so soon.

They had just mentioned Amelia. What did it have to do with her?

"Amelia is not only your wife, but also my daughter. For the last twenty-six years, I have never done my duty as a father. I hope I can make it up later." Nicholas believed that Lucian was mentally strong enough to be able to recover within a short period of time. After all, he had a vague memory about Fiona.

"Although my mother seldom takes care of me, she is still my mother. Don't you feel ashamed at all when you say nothing about her?" Lucian felt Nicholas was too cold to Fiona. In his memory, they seldom had dinner at the same table.

Since Nicholas was busy with social engagement, and Fiona often went out so they asked the servants to take care of Lucian.

Lucian didn't even have a chance to see her for the last time after she died.

One week later, when Lucian saw the cremains of Fiona and Nicholas sitting on the wheelchair, everything came so suddenly.

At that time, there were dozens of paper plants in the Zhan Group. It was said that the factory was ignited because of the spilled gasoline. It happened that Nicholas and Fiona were testing the finished products in the paper factory. They tried hard to escape from the fire, but they were still unable to avoid it.

The fire damaged the beautiful face of Fiona, and made Nicholas lose his legs.

The tragedy was a wound that hadn't been allowed to mention for so many years. Even Lucian's memory was blurred.

At this moment, the memory about all his cruel crimes was imprinted in his mind so vividly.

"For your mother, what I have is nothing but apology and guilt. I don't love her at all." Said Nicholas decisively. There was no love in his sorry tone.

Lucian suddenly became speechless. He felt very disappointed for Fiona.

"Yes, my mother is dead. It's all your fault!" Lucian said angrily.

"Don't tell Amelia about this. She doesn't have to experience these pains." As f

me to greet her at once. "Mrs. Amelia, Mr. Lucian went back home at noon."

"Lucian is back?" This was out of expectation. She thought that Lucian would work overtime because he was busy with his work recently.

"Mr. Lucian has been in the study since he came back. I was going to make a cup of tea for him, but he told me not to disturb him." Said Lily, honestly.

Hearing that Lucian was back home, Amelia was happy.

"Let me cook the dinner." She handed over Mark to Lily and wanted to cook dinner for Lucian in person.

"Mrs. Amelia, if you cook by yourself, Mr. Lucian would have a good appetite." Lily said with a wide smile.

When she was cooking, Lucian came downstairs.

In his casual outfit, he said to Lily when he saw Mark, "Take Mark upstairs."

Obviously, he was trying to distract Lily.

Lily found that when seeing Mark, he looked a little serious. He wasn't smiling like usual. Besides, when seeing Mark, he didn't want to hug him.

The atmosphere between them was so weird. Although Lily couldn't figure it out, she promised Lucian at once and said, "Mrs. Amelia is making dinner in the kitchen."

There was no doubt that what she wanted was to make Lucian feel better.

Unexpectedly, when the name of Amelia was mentioned, Lucian frowned and looked worried.

In the kitchen, Amelia was focusing on cooking. And she didn't notice that Lucian had been standing there for a long time.

After she finished, Amelia turned around and was shocked to see Lucian leaning against the kitchen door with his arms crossed.

Lucian didn't mean to scare her. Seeing that she was terrified, he forced a smile and said, "You are so absorbed."

Amelia blushed in embarrassment and smiled shyly, "Are you hungry? The dinner will be ready soon."

She was good at home cooking, so she made several dishes in a short time.

Lucian looked at the back of Amelia and sighed with mixed feelings.

No matter what happened back then, the most innocent person must be Amelia.

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