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   Chapter 245 An Awkward And Complicated Background

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The sudden death of Fiona gave him a great blow. In that big fire, Nicholas lost his legs. Lucian had no choice but to take over the company from Nicholas that he had never planned to inherit it.

"Lucian, if you've already known, why don't you tell me?" Roared Nicholas, who was sitting in a wheelchair and hitting the floor with his cane in a hurry.

Lucian suddenly stopped. His face was expressionless.

Before coming to the Zhan mansion, Lucian had thought about straightening things out, so he immediately adjusted his state of mind. He didn't want his anger to burn out his reason.

"Do you know Iris Liu?" He was observing the changes of Nicholas' facial expressions.

"Iris Liu?" Nicholas murmured and seemed to remember, "She... How do you know her?"

Although his facial expression didn't change much, his tone did change.

"Because she is the mother of Amelia." Lucian told him in a very calm tone. His heart had been restless.

"Amelia's mother?" Nicholas seemed to be stunned. He couldn't come to his senses after a long while.

Shock was written all over Nicholas' face.

Lucian felt that every breath of himself was a sign of despair for him.

His proudness to get married with Amelia turned out to be so ironic now.

"I took your hair to do a DNA test with Amelia a few days ago. The result says you are father and daughter!" Lucian always wanted to escape from this fact, but now it was impossible for him to deceive himself. It was better to put out a cruel situation and let his heart hurt to the extreme.

All of a sudden, Nicholas was silent. It was not until quite a while later that he looked at Lucian with his gloomy eyes and said in a hoarse and sorrowful tone, "Nobody shall be blamed for... This is so unfair! "

Maybe the news came so suddenly that they had been stunned for a long time.

The sound of the walking stick hitting the floor was mixed with anger and helplessness, which made Lucian feel uneasy.

"This is not what I deserve!" Lucian said through gritted teeth.

He clenched his fists and showed extreme anger in his chest.

The relationship between his wife and him had changed. It was hard for anyone to accept.

"Lucian, it's all my fault. Don't be mad at Amelia." Nicholas slowly raised his head and looked at Lucian, begging.

Such remarks did not dissolve the anger in Lucian's heart except making him angry.

"I never dreamed that the woman I love is my sister!" Lucian said as he gritted his teeth. Anger was like poison water in his heart, destroying all his internal organs.

Nicholas was hesitating whether he should tell the truth to Lucian. If he didn't tell the truth, a lot of people would get hurt. But if he told Lucian, it would be a more severe blow to him...

After weighing the pros and cons, Nicholas decided to

a grateful tone, "Anyway, Amelia is innocent. I hope you can be good to her as before."

Still the same... At the thought of his indifference to Amelia these days, Lucian clenched his fists.

Although they were not related by blood, it was difficult for him to accept the reality.

"You feel sorry for your daughter, but have you considered my feelings?" Lucian wanted to unveil the mystery, but found himself lacking of courage.

Suddenly, she thought of Jonny's sneer at Fiona. He said that she had cheated on Nicholas in the past. Now he believed that it wasn't a groundless rumor.

Even Jonny knew that, but he didn't.

He originally thought that Jonny said these words deliberately to irritate him because of the scramble for project. So they had a dispute and destroyed their past brotherhood.

"Lucian, Amelia is not only your wife, but also one of our family members. Why are you always so cautious?" Nicholas frowned, seeming confused with Lucian's words.

"You are right. It is just because Amelia is my wife that my heart is like a stone!" Lucian almost roared out.

He was depressed, because as long as he thought of their relationship, he would feel a dull pain in his heart.

At the same time, Fannie came back and heard Lucian's roar. She stopped and stood outside the study, waiting to watch the show.

When Darren was about to inform them, he was stopped by Fannie.

Fannie was well-known for her ferocity in the Zhan mansion. Darren was in awe of her, so he immediately went away after she cast him a stern glance.

"Promise me that you'll rather settle the matter peacefully than stir up trouble. I will have no complaint whether you hate me or want to fight back." Said Nicholas with full of compromise in his tone.

"In your heart, is your son an absolute villain?" No matter how much he hated him, he would never hurt Nicholas.

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