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   Chapter 244 How Should I Face You

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When she reached the building of the Zhan Group, all the building was quiet except those on duty.

Because Lucian once gave her a privilege, she didn't need to make an appointment with Lucian. The man on duty didn't stop her and greeted her with respect.

In the CEO Office on the top floor, the stench was pungent.

The moment Amelia pushed the door in, she was shocked.

On the ground, wine bottles were piled up. Amelia crouched down and picked them up, looking for Lucian.

She found that Lucian had already fallen asleep on the leather sofa. He was so drunk that he didn't move at all.

"Lucian?" Amelia tried to call his name lightly. She was worried deep inside.

Lucian was a little moved and mumbled, "Didn't I say that no one is allowed to come in?"

There was a hint of anger in his tone. He didn't even lift his eyelids to express his disgust.

"Come on, let's go home..." Amelia said to him in an attempt to comfort him, as if he was annoyed by work.

No matter how hard she tried, it would be a tiring work to carry a tall and strong Lucian, so she failed several times.

"Let me go!" Disdainfully, Lucian shook off Amelia's hand. In a drunken state, he asked sadly, "Why? Why did you do this to me?"

"Lucian, let bygones be bygones. I'll always be by your side." Amelia bit her teeth and tried to support him up with all her strength.

However, Lucian didn't seem to cooperate at all. He went against her and got rid of her hands.

"Go away!" Lucian pushed her away and made Amelia stagger as she lost her balance.

Despite the pain on her body, Amelia had no choice but to call Eric for help.

"Mrs. Amelia." Eric arrived in less than five minutes, which surprised Amelia.

In fact, Eric had been on call in his office all the time. Because he knew what kind of person Lucian was and he didn't want to go against him, he had to wait in his own office.

"Eric, is there anything wrong with the Zhan Group?" The reason why Lucian got so drunk must be because of work.

Because she didn't make Lucian unhappy recently.

Eric frowned subconsciously. But the paternity test had been carried out secretly by Lucian and him. And he didn't dare to tell the truth to Amelia, because Amelia didn't understand.

If the truth was revealed to Amelia, the entire family would be in an uproar.

"There are several projects that make our CEO feel headache. He just drinks to relax himself. Mrs. Amelia, don't be angry." Eric tried to make an excuse.

"Don't worry. I won't." She felt sorry for him and took a look at drunk Lucian, holding his hand even tighter.

Amelia spent the whole night taking care of him and didn't fall asleep. At last, she fell asleep on the edge of the bed.

When Lucian woke up, he saw Amelia who was sleeping beside the bed. His heart was fastened. Thinking of what happened yesterday, there was another dull pain in his heart.

It would be nice for hi

ich would make him restless.

"Dad, since you ask about it, I will be frank with you." With a heavy heart, Lucian took a deep breath and then stared at Nicholas with his deep eyes. "Is the woman you love most my mother?"

The question was out of the blue. If it weren't for Nicholas' sitting here, he might have been startled and lost his balance.

"Why do you ask me this?" After Fiona passed away, Lucian had rarely mentioned her in front of Nicholas. So there must be a reason for this question.

"Why can't you just answer me?" Disappointed, Lucian looked at Nicholas.

It was like a sealed gate. The moment the gate was open, the dust covered his eyes and he could hardly open his eyes.

"We couldn't choose our own marriage at that time, so love is unreachable for us." Nicholas returned in a husky voice, looking far away as if he was recalling what had happened a long time ago.

Nicholas avoided the topic, which explained everything.

He and Fiona were arranged by their parents, and their marriage had nothing to do with love.

"So you have another woman outside?" Lucian said angrily with red eyes.

Hearing Lucian's words, Nicholas seemed to have understood something. He looked at Lucian for a while and asked with a smile, "Did you hear some funny words from An family?"

Lucian wouldn't mind at all if it was just a hysterical gossip from the An family. but the DNA test report was solid evidence in front of him, and he had no chance to escape.

How should he explain it to Nicholas? How could Amelia be the daughter of him and another woman? The fact that he and Amelia were half siblings?

Lucian was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. He had never thought that as a strong man, he would be so weak in dealing with family affairs...

"The day has eyes, the night has ears!" With these words, Lucian left.

He had always treated Nicholas with respect. That was the first time he had been so mad at him.

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