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   Chapter 243 The Terrible Result

Addicted Love By Xing Jiayi Characters: 9955

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Amelia almost drained the cup.

"You can drink like this in front of me. But when I'm not around, you can't drink like this." Lucian warned Amelia righteously again. But his words were full of concern. Amelia nodded happily.

Amelia got a little drunk and her face turned red. Under the light, she looked like a beautiful rose.

In Lucian's eyes, she was full of feminine charm.

After leaving the seat, Lucian came to Amelia and hugged her.

In the warm bedroom, there was scattered love, like a sea made of roses. They enjoyed every moment.

The next day, when Amelia woke up, she found that Lucian had already got up. She moved her body and it seemed that her body was falling apart.

She struggled for several times before she could barely stand up. When she saw the hickey on her body, she was so shy that her face flushed.

When she went downstairs, she found that Lily was making breakfast in the kitchen. Seeing that Amelia was playing with Mark in the living room, Lily put on an apron and ran out. She was curious and asked, "Mrs. Amelia, have you made up with Mr. Lucian?"

Seeing Amelia's smile, Lily was relieved. Amelia nodded to Lily with a smile.

"I know it!" After a complacent smile, she saw the red mark on Amelia's neck and covered her face with her hand out of shyness. "The evidence is irrefutable!"

Amelia was so embarrassed as if she was caught on the spot.

"No wonder Mr. Lucian asked me not to wake you up and to make you some soup." Lily repeated these words with a smirk on her face.

Amelia was embarrassed, but she still smiled shyly.

After breakfast, Amelia decided to go to the flower shop.

She had been staying at home since she got injured last time. She heard from Courtney that Lucian had hired someone to take care of the shop, but now since she was well, she would feel bored at home.

"Lily, I'll take Mark with me today." Amelia was pretty familiar with Mark's daily schedule. She could put Mark in the crib when she was busy and have fun with him when she was free.

"But Mrs. Amelia, do you have time for him today?" Lily asked worriedly.

"Don't worry. Haven't Lucian hired someone? She can help me! " Amelia said slowly.

"I happen to have something to deal with. Can I go out today?" Lily asked after she felt relieved.

Amelia nodded and told her, "Be careful when you go out. I don't want what happened last time happen again."

"Okay, thank you, Mrs. Amelia." She was deeply moved and told the thoughts in her heart, "Keep away from the scum and start a new life. So, it's better to break up with him!"

Lily was determined to break up with her boyfriend. Although she had struggled for a period of time, she was completely disappointed. The so-called love did not exist any more.

"Wow, you bring my godson here!" After coming out of the milk tea shop, Courtney was so surprised to see that Amelia had brought Mark here.

"Yes. He is here to keep you company." Amelia smiled and looke

hter. At that time, he was still wondering who the man that Iris loved so much was. He never dreamed of his father...

If what he said was true, then what was the relationship between him and Amelia...

Brother or sister? But they are husband and wife!

The more he thought about it, the more frightened he became. He put his hands on his head, feeling that apart from the piercing pain in the bottom of his heart, he also felt dizzy.

When the dinner was ready, Amelia looked at the clock and wondered why Lucian was still not back.

"Mrs. Amelia, did Mr. Lucian have a business dinner tonight?" Lily looked at the time and felt it was almost the time of the midnight snack.

"Lucian's phone is off. I can't get in touch with him. Let's go." This morning when he said he would have dinner with her, but now he didn't answer the phone.

Although she was depressed, she didn't give up and kept calling him after dinner.

She called but no one answered.

In less than two minutes, Eric called and said that Lucian had a dinner party tonight. If he didn't come back later, he would find a hotel for Lucian.

Speaking of the hotel, Amelia disdained to hear it.

She couldn't help but remember the complacent laughter of Sasha over the phone last time...

But soon she got rid of the strange ideas in her mind and was ready to go upstairs to coax Mark to sleep.

Lucian didn't come back for the whole night. She thought he would come back early the next morning. But before going to the flower shop, she didn't see him. She thought he would come back after work, but when she returned to the SJ Garden, she found that Lucian still didn't come back.

She hastily called Lucian, but nobody answered.

"Lily, take good care of Mark. I'm going to the Zhan Group now." Amelia went out in a hurry.

During the past month, they almost didn't have conflict with each other. But Amelia became more and more worried when she saw that Amelia suddenly didn't go back home.

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