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   Chapter 242 Be Reconciled

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Lucian didn't know how he got out of the company. The moment he got on the car, he felt his strength was taken away from his limbs.

He took a glance at the report, but it was like branded iron in his heart.

In the police station of A city.

"Is the information you provide true or false?" On the other side, Lucian could hear his cold voice.

Vernon was sick and looked terrible. He couldn't stop coughing and nodded to answer Lucian's question.

With one hand clenched, Lucian stared at the man in front of him and asked, "What if this is your revenge?"

Vernon stopped coughing and chuckled, "This is not revenge. This is destiny. This is retribution!"

Lucian heard that his voice was full of pain and resentment.

Lucian learnt the reason why Vernon was so cruel to Iris from Amelia.

However, Lucian would never believe that it was his father.

"If you are suspicious, you shouldn't have come to me. You should have used the most effective method -- paternity testing." Vernon said expressionlessly.

Lucian suddenly fell silent. He felt nervous and painful at the same time.

He was afraid that it was true. Then how could he face this bloody and terrible scene.

She heard that the ocean has a calming effect on people's mind.

Amelia drove to the seaside.

There were too many memories about her and Lucian here.

It was thrilling, surprising and romantic...

There were on sunlight on the island. The sea breeze on the island was moist with the smell of water, which made Amelia feel like she was on the sea.

She found a place to sit down and watched everything on the island.

The fishing boat was parked on the sea. Several yachts had already turned on the lights, and the lights created sparkling lights on the deep blue sea.


All of a sudden, a clear male voice sounded. Amelia turned back subconsciously.

Following the man's finger, Amelia found a girl walking towards the deep sea.

This is obviously a suicide!

Amelia stood up and wanted to help him.

"Fuck off!" The woman heard the man's voice behind her. Instead of stopping, she walked faster against the sea water.

Amelia and the man with her were so frightened that they stopped at once.

"Adriana, don't be silly. Let's have a good talk, okay?" The man bent his knees, and his face had been stiff in horror and his hands were paralyzed on his side. He looked desperate and helpless.

It turned out that they knew each other. It seemed that there was a conflict between the couple.

"Yes, Miss. We can have a talk." Amelia also echoed, hoping that the girl could give up that idea.

However, the girl turned to the man next to Amelia and asked, "Is that bitch her?"

Amelia got stunned. She didn't know what happened.

"Adriana, don't make trouble out of nothing. Come over here!" The man stood straight, as if losing his patience.

The man didn't admit it nor deny it

cooked by himself.

But soon she would know after tasting them.

Lucian knew what kind of food Amelia liked most, so he had studied it in private.

And he made a few meals for Amelia before, which highly appraised by her.

"Oops, Lily is absent-minded today. Why is it so salty?" Amelia tasted a piece of fish and swallowed it with hesitation.

Hearing that, Lucian frowned and asked incredibly, "Does it taste bad?"

Amelia covered her mouth with her hand, afraid that she would vomit it out. She nodded honestly and said, "She has to cook by herself and take care of Mark. She must have been very busy. What she usually cook was good."

There was no doubt that Lucian was deeply depressed by her words.

"Mrs. Amelia, I made these dishes." Lucian decided to be honest and admitted it frankly.

"You made it?" Amelia was shocked. She opened her eyes wide and turned back to the dishes. She nodded and said, "It looks like you cooked it."

"Your mouth is like a sharp knife now." Lucian didn't expect that Amelia would be moved to say something touching. "Make do with it. Wash your taste bud with red wine when you can't eat."

He spoke so fast that Amelia knew he was trying to cover up his embarrassment.

She raised her wine glass, looking at him sincerely and eagerly, "Mr. Lucian, thank you, really."

She came across another couple today. If the cold war continued, it would consume their love and trust.

"Mrs. Amelia, I shouldn't have spoken to you in that tone. I shouldn't have doubted you..." Lucian said with great regret.

Although there was a mist about the background of Amelia, he tried to avoid that trouble. He wanted to accompany her to have a meal and talk.

"It's great that you admit your fault. Cheers!" Actually, the moment she returned home, the annoyance of Amelia was gone.

When she knew that it was Lucian who cooked the dinner, she was so moved that all of her bad mood was gone.

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