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   Chapter 235 Conflicts Escalated

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She seldom wore makeup, but she intended to amaze Lucian at his birthday.

The other day, Amelia got from Fannie that today was Lucian's birthday.

If Fannie hadn't mentioned it, she wouldn't have noticed Lucian's birthday.

She had been married with him for almost two years, but Lucian had never told her about his birthday, and she hadn't asked about it either. After getting to know that, she decided to celebrate his birthday with her own will.

"I don't know if Lucian likes it or not." She frowned with some pressure.

"Generally speaking, men make a romantic surprise for women. Since you are so attentive, Carlos will definitely love you!" Lily stood beside the bed and encouraged Amelia to check whether there were flowers and balloons needed to be decorated.

All these flowers were picked up by Amelia in the flower shop.

She smiled cunningly and said to Lily, "If Lucian likes, I will let him pay for the flowers."

"Mrs. Amelia, when did you become a miser?" Lily couldn't help but make fun of her.

Amelia pouted and said seriously, "my flower shop is small-scale. I have to take back my credit since it is so extravagant for his birthday."

Seeing that she was so serious, Lily agreed with her and said, "you are right, Mrs. Amelia. Mr. Lucian is so happy that a lot of money will be spent."

While they were talking and laughing, Lucian came back.

"Mrs. Amelia, please look..." Lily pointed at the door timidly.

Amelia looked back and saw that Lucian was standing behind her with a cold face.

The two men's eyes met by chance, but there was no electric shock wave in the past. At most, there was surprise in the eyes of Amelia, but there seemed to be a hint of unhappiness in Lucian.

"Lucian, happy birthday!" Amelia took the cake on the table to him, eyes full of expectation.

Taking a look at the cake in front of him made by Amelia, Lucian frowned and felt hurt. He asked in a depressed voice, "Who told you to do this?"

The cake dropped to the ground suddenly. The cream was spilled all over Amelia's feet and skirt.

Standing behind Amelia, Lily was trembling all over and explained for Amelia, "Mr. Lucian, Mrs. Amelia has been busy from this morning till now for you..."

"Delete it right now!" Before Lily could finish, Lucian ordered furiously.

"Yes..." Lily was so frightened that she agreed immediately, but when she turned around and looked at Amelia, she hesitated.

It was hard for Amelia to arrange it in the early morning. If it was removed, it would make her sad.

"Lucian, what's wrong with you?" Clenching her fists, Amelia tried to sound calm.

Lucian gave a cold glance at Amelia and answered, "my birthday never comes."

It was such a simple sentence that Amelia couldn't even make a complete sentence.

She turned around and found that Lucian had gone upstairs.

"Mrs. Amelia, don't be

activity site was almost in a chaos. Except for some important guests in the business circle, Lucian and Jonny were surrounded by reporters.

Noticing the blood on Lucian's lips, Amelia felt sorry for him and pushed him to the crowd with all his strength regardless of the hostility of those reporters.

"She is Lucian's wife."

"That's right. After she comes, maybe all the mysteries are solved..."

Those newsmen gave way to her after recognizing her, and kept talking about her.

Amelia knew nothing about what happened to her so he squeezed into the crowd. If Lucian didn't hold her in time, she would fall down on the ground.

Jonny's face was swelling up. His face was cold without any expression.

"Why are you here?" Lucian held Amelia into his arms as he said to her with deep concern.

"I got a call from Courtney and learned that you... Jonny was fighting with others, so I came here... " Amelia answered in hesitation.

Lucian's brows twisted but soon became smooth. "I'll take you out of here first."

"What about you?" She stared at him in horror, like an insecure little girl.

"Let's go together." He answered her firmly.

Amelia's answer set her mind at rest.

But the reporters didn't seem to want to get out of the way. They raised their microphones and threw a question urgently. "Mrs. Amelia, I'm sure you have read some rumors about the online. Do you have any response?"

Silence prevailed. Why should he respond.

Amelia didn't respond, because the more explanations they gave, the more confused the truth would be.

"Mrs. Amelia, you and the president of the An Group were lovers. When we meet again, do you..."

Before the other reporter could finish his question, Lucian threw the microphone stand away and glared at the reporter. "You can interrogate my woman freely, right?" he warned.

After finishing his words, Lucian held Amelia's arm and walked on.

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