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   Chapter 230 The Terrible Side Of Jonny

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"Miss An is not home. Mr. An and Mrs. Au are home." Darren answered respectfully.

Amelia frowned. She knew that the Mr. An that Darren said was actually Jonny and Mrs. An was Emma.

She was too shocked to move, but considering her relationship with Emma, she had to enter for the sake of courtesy.

In the living room, Jonny was reading a thick business management book in his hand. He seemed to have felt someone entering the door. He quickly looked up and paused for a second. Then he asked in surprise, "Amelia, why are you here?"

Under the bright crystal lamp, Amelia's fair skin looked even whiter. Her face without makeup was as bright as the moonlight.

In a plain dress, Jonny put his book on the table in front of him, stood up and walked towards Amelia.

"I... I happened to pass by, so I came in to have a look. " She found an excuse.

"I see. Don't stand there. Take a seat over there." Jonny didn't show any doubts on his face. Instead, he just smiled calmly.

However, Amelia was worried about Lucian, so she felt uneasy. She looked inside and asked politely, "Is sworn mother at home?"

"Yes, she is? I'll get her." Then, Jonny stood up, keeping smile on his face. It seemed that he was in a good mood.

Amelia was agitated. She couldn't just walk in and leave like that.

"Wow, it's Amelia." With a big smile on her face, Emma walked towards them and sat down next to Amelia. She took hold of her hands and said kindly, "I haven't seen you for only a while. You are thinner!"

Emma's tone was full of concern, which touched Amelia.

"Mother, Amelia is always thin. Whatever, haven't 'bony beauty' been popular recently?" Echoed Jonny as he looked at Amelia with scorching eyes.

Amelia's cheeks were blushing as she tried to hide her shyness. Smiling awkwardly, she said to Emma, "Mom, it's getting late. I have to take care of Mark. See you later."

"Why are you leaving in such a hurry? It's only been a while." The smile on Emma's face disappeared, and only shock could be seen on her face.

At the same time, Jonny also looked puzzled. Two bright lights shone on Amelia, making her feel like a child who made a mistake.

Fortunately, Jonny saved her from her embarrassment. "Mom, we should understand that Amelia is worried about Mark. Since she said she would visit you in a few days, please let her go back," he said.

Listening to Jonny's words, Amelia felt much relieved.

"All right. But Amelia, you can't cheat sworn mother. When you are not busy, you can come to see me with Mark!" The smile reappeared on Emma's face. She said to Jonny, "It's late. I'm worried about Amelia if she goes home alone. You drive her home."

"Mother *, no, thanks. I drove here..." (* TN: here mother means sworn mother) Amelia refused in a hurry. She didn't want to overreact and said in a low voice.


was not as sincere as usual. It was like floating boat on the surface of the water, which made Amelia very uncomfortable.

"Lucian has always been proud of everything. This time, I'll let him know the pain of being trampled under his feet!" Said Jonny, grinding his teeth.

But Amelia just couldn't understand why Jonny was so angry with Lucian. If anyone else knew that, they would just throw up.

"Do you think I will agree?" Amelia sneered and smiled, "does sworn mother know that? Will sworn mother feel good if she knows that her son, who she has regarded as a rich and vicious man, is so? "

It didn't mean that Jonny didn't care whether his family was rich or not. He only cared about how fast Emma was. The mention of her at this time was to ease his excitement.

"Amelia, don't be so indecisive. If everyone likes you, people will not only be tired, but also hurt the people around you." Jonny's expression didn't change at all. He didn't change his cold and unfriendly attitude when he heard Emma. Instead, he said to Amelia in a tone of education, "you'd better be smart. I just want to let Lucian suffer a lot from what I have done. I don't want him to die!"

"Do you dare to take his life? Do you think Lucian will let you off? " Although Jonny was the CEO of the An Group, there was always a gap between the Zhan Group and the An Group.

The An Group had been helped when the Zhan Group was in crisis, but with the management ability of Lucian and the long-term credibility of the Zhan Group, it was far better than the An Group.

"It's no big deal. It is no matter that the An Group will fall apart and my reputation will be ruined. What do you think?" Jonny shrugged.

Amelia didn't say anything more when she heard Jonny's arrogant attitude.

She felt that she shouldn't have quarreled with Jonny so easily but should calm down to think about how to save Lucian.

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