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   Chapter 218 Thank You For Your Help

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"I can call you senior now." Amelia shouted at Jonny without any emotion as usual.

Amelia's voice sounded so familiar and heartbroken.

He had always thought that the result of hiding the truth could change the intimate relationship with him and Amelia, even if this relationship was only brother sister relationship.

Jonny thought it was a great honor for him to see Amelia all the time.

"Amelia, I'm sorry. I had to lie to you." As Jonny called Amelia's name, a sharp pain bit his heart and it made her almost out of breath.

"Senior, I will always remember your kindness. You will always be my good brother." Amelia promised.

Brother... His identity somehow saddened him.

"Mr. Jonny, thank you so much for helping me out this time!" Lucian said triumphantly, with a big smile on his face.

A bitter smile tugged at the corner of Jonny's mouth. He had to keep fighting since he had missed a fight since he had been so eager to achieve his goal.

No matter what he had lost, it was a heavy blow for him to lose the trust of Amelia.

He thought before that Amelia would follow the promise between them. For the memory they knew in the past, she would simply tell the truth. But he didn't expect that she was not interested in finding the shade of a willow, and the two of Amelia and Lucian held each other's hands even tighter.

The more they loved each other.

"It's the fate of destiny that you and Amelia are arranged by God, but after experiencing some twists and turns, you can be together again. Don't you think it's a better arrangement?" Jonny didn't explain for his mistakes at all. Till now, he could do nothing but bless her.

He said the words that he wished them happy before, but in fact he didn't mean it. But this time, he had no choice.

When could he wish them happy? When he disappointed enough.

Because it was impossible for him not to love Amelia.

"Hey, Lucian, Amelia. What the hell is going on between you two? I don't understand." Following behind Lucian and Amelia, Courtney was full of doubts.

After they got into the car, Amelia said to Courtney, "I told you before that there was a boy who encouraged me to get out of the pain of my mother's death and to live happily ever since..."

"Of course I remember. Later I heard that you lost contact. Are you in touch now?" Seeing the happy look on Amelia's face, Courtney guessed, "don't tell me that the boy who wrote that letter back then was Lucian?"

Because Courtney found that Lucian always smiled but he remained calm and serious even if he was not angry.

"Yes, he is Lucian." Amelia nodded her head firmly. She still thought what happened in this world was so incredible. "I always thought that I and Lucian got together by accident after he had taken those pictures. But now, it seems that everything is doomed."

"Well, you t

n smile on Fannie's face, Amelia was a little bit slow to react. She also sat down.

"Lucian, you can go back to your work. I'll have a chat with Amelia." Fannie seemed to have made Lucian away.

"What do you want to say? Just say it in front of us." Lucian knew Fannie well. He knew that she didn't like Amelia. Even though with a smile on her face, she must have an idea in her mind. He didn't want to avoid it.

Then, Fannie deliberately pulled a long face and pretended to be angry with Lucian. "Son, can't I have a talk with my daughter-in-law. Besides, we are in the SJ Garden now. Do you think that I have already eaten your wife?"

"Lucian, didn't you say you had business to deal with on your way back? I happened to be in mom's company for a while. You can come down to see her after you finish your work. " No matter what Fannie's intention was, Amelia would follow it.

"I hope that someone will cherish your goodness." Fannie's words were right. The SJ Garden was his house, so if Fannie said something to threaten Amelia, he wouldn't let go of that easily.

After Lucian went upstairs, Amelia smiled apologetically, "Mom, why didn't dad come over?"

"You know that your father has difficulty in moving," With a sullen face, Fannie responded Amelia sourly.

Noticing the change of expression on Fannie's face, Amelia withdrew her greeting.

"Amelia, as the mother-in-law, I'm afraid that there are some words that I don't like, but I still have to say." Fannie's expression suddenly turned serious, as if she had a lot to say.

Amelia knew that Fannie held a grudge against her. Besides, she also knew that Fannie didn't like others to disobey her. The more rebellious she was, the more she would not stop. Therefore, she didn't talk much no matter what she said.

It would be great if Lucian could understand her.

"Mom, what do you want to say? I'm listening,"

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