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   Chapter 217 You Are The Little Elf.

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It felt like a primary school student fighting. After being beaten, he even felt that he was not wrong.

"If I were a kid, I would be able to beat the crap out of him." Lucian said angrily.

It could be heard from Lucian's tone that he was extremely angry. But Amelia stopped talking and just glared at him.

She was still depressed last night. She hadn't lost her temper yet, but he took it for granted.

"Amelia. I just can't figure out one thing." All of a sudden, Lucian frowned and looked at Amelia's fair face. He was so tired that he couldn't fall asleep for the whole night.

"What is it?" Seeing the puzzled look on Lucian's face, Amelia couldn't help but wonder if Lucian's anger had anything to do with her?

Lucian knew that it seemed a little disrespectful to ask Amelia in such a straightforward way, but he couldn't get the answer from Jonny, so he had to ask her directly.

"How long have you known Jonny?" Lucian couldn't understand the relationship between Amelia and Jonny, either. They had built a deep friendship not long after they got acquainted with each other.

Amelia didn't expect that Lucian would ask her about her and Jonny. Her face was full of astonishment and guilty conscience made her blush.

"Why do you ask me about that all of a sudden?" Jonny had specifically told Amelia not to tell Lucian about them. He also explained that men were easily jealous at that time. She also remembered his unusual behavior and asked, "don't tell me that the reason why you were so angry yesterday was just because of this?"

"Partly, right?" Lucian didn't hide anything. He looked at Amelia and said, "It's my fault to hit him. But what Jonny did has touched my bottom line."

Lucian did not say that Amelia was his bottom line.

"What did Jonny do to make you so angry?" Amelia was still in a daze, so she became very angry when Lucian mentioned Jonny. "Can you explain it clearly? Let me see whether you deserve to be angry or not."

Amelia thought that since Lucian wanted to have a good talk with her, she didn't have to keep being so stubborn.

"You remember Claire, aren't you?"

"Of course I remember." Although it was a mistake, Amelia had a different feeling when it came to Claire.

"The reason why Claire got the letter I wrote that year was totally because of Jonny." Lucian's eyes were deep and unfathomable.

"How could this be..." It never occurred to Amelia that Claire's appearance was not a mistake, but a well-planned plot...

"Maybe you think it's not appropriate for me to hit him, but I really can't stand his behavior of hurting my bottom line again and again!" If it wasn't for what Jonny had done to her that year, s

ed the Galaxy in my previous life."

"Crack!" A loud voice broke the silence in the office.

Courtney almost fell asleep.

"Oh my God! The pregnant woman is drowsy. I feel a little sleepy." Courtney yawned and stretched. When she saw the broken teacup on the ground, she couldn't help teasing Jonny, "Mr. Jonny, why are you so absorbed in thought? Why don't you get along with the teacup?"

Jonny squatted down to pick up the residue. Then, he smiled and said, "I'm wondering how Lucian and Amelia have talked about..."

"Mr. Jonny, you seem a little unhappy." Courtney noticed the sadness on Jonny's face, so she stopped smiling suddenly and said seriously "As a couple, quarrels can be mended easily. Don't worry, Mr. Jonny!"

The moment Courtney finished her words, someone knocked at the door of the president's office.

"See? They are almost there!" Courtney ran to open the door.

The expression on Jonny's face was even worse, and his heart was extremely complicated.

"Wow, I'm so lucky to meet you. Look at your happy face, I guess you must have had a romantic scene on the rooftop, haven't you?" Seeing that Lucian's face was not that bad and his hand was holding that of Amelia, Courtney could tell that they were on good terms.

Amelia was so shy by Courtney's words that she lowered her head.

"You win some, you lose some. Mr. Jonny, I have to thank you in person!" Lucian moved his eyes from Courtney to Jonny, who was standing in front of them.

Jonny forced a smile and said in a low voice, "you're welcome. Congratulations!"

Hearing Jonny's voice, Amelia looked up and felt sad.

She was always grateful for Jonny. Although Jonny hid the accident from her purposely, he had helped her a lot after that. In her heart, she still felt grateful to him.

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