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   Chapter 216 Go With Me, Amelia.

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The door of the CEO's office was closed. Because of the quiet corridor, the whole building was emitting a serious atmosphere.

"Bang Bang Bang..." Without the help of the Miss etiquette, Courtney knocked at the door.

The knock on the door made Amelia nervous. She wondered if Jonny was in the room and if Lucian was here...

When the two men who were sitting face to face heard the knock on the door, they exchanged silent glances. Lucian sneered and Jonny's face seemed to be warm.

"I told you not to test the goodness of Amelia. She's really a pitiful girl." Said Jonny all of a sudden. He was so deeply in love with Amelia that he asked this question out of concern. Actually, it sounded like a kind of love rather than heartache.

"Don't say sweet words only to cover up your hypocrisy because Amelia is here." After a cynical ridicule, Lucian stood up and walked to the door with his slender body, and opened the door.

"Lucian, it's really you!" Standing behind Amelia, Courtney screamed and asked incredibly, "Do you come to the An Group to talk business with Jonny?"

'If I interrupt Lucian and Jonny talking about business, it will be terrible for Amelia.' Courtney thought.

At the moment when Lucian opened the door, Jonny felt like being struck an acupoint. He stood stiffly, and his eyes fell on Lucian. The void in his eyes seemed to be filled with sadness, and except sadness, there seemed to be nothing else.

This Amelia made Lucian feel sorry for her.

After tossing and turning last night, Lucian realized deeply that he had a bad attitude towards Amelia. At this moment, when he saw her, he felt a little sorry.

"Miss Courtney, please come in." Although Jonny was tall, he was shorter than Lucian. So, when he stood behind Lucian, just an enthusiastic voice sounded.

"Okay." Courtney pulled Amelia's hand and pulled her back to reality.

Amelia regained consciousness and looked at Lucian. But there was still sadness in her eyes.

"Lucian, you are standing right in front of the door. How can I get in with Amelia?" Seeing that Lucian didn't intend to get out of the way, Courtney couldn't help teasing him.

With a cold face, Lucian was not as modest as usual. It was after that Courtney noticed the look on his face.

"Mr. Lucian, this is my place. Please get out of the way. Don't get in the way of my guest." Although there was a smile in his tone, Jonny said in a tough tone.

"Mr. Jonny, don't you think it's funny?" With an arched eyebrow, Lucian turned around and sneered, "As what you said, Amelia is also my wife!"

Lucian said in a tough tone. His tone sounded very possessive.

With a smile appearing on Courtney's face, she mustered some courage and said, "I thought you were jealous of her, but it turned out that you

Jonny's office was on the top floor, so Lucian pulled Amelia to the attic of the An Group.

"Let go of me, you are hurting me!" Amelia struggled hard and tried to get rid of Lucian.

Lucian didn't loosen his grip on her, but loosened his grip on Amelia's hand a little.

"I won't let you go!" Lucian didn't let go of Amelia but held her even tighter.

Amelia was held tightly by a strong force and couldn't move at all.

On the rooftop, a cool breeze was blowing, her long black hair fluttering gracefully like ribbon music.

All of a sudden, the room fell into silence. Amelia could not help but feel relaxed.

After a moment of silence, Lucian slowly let go of Amelia. He put his arms around her thin waist, with a usual doting smile in his eyes, and said, "are you worried about me?"

Hearing his question, Amelia couldn't hold her anger anymore, so she vented it directly, "who cares about you? I'm just worried that what happened yesterday will happen again!"

Amelia was telling the truth, but she was still worried about Lucian.

Otherwise, she wouldn't be in such a hurry to the Zhan Group and then came to the An Group.

It seemed that Lucian had seen through her mind, so he smiled happily.

"Lucian, don't you think you are like a..."

"You're like a madman, aren't you?" Lucian had the cheek to say that.

Amelia was totally confused. Amelia glared at Lucian and asked: "Why do you hate Jonny so much?"

When mentioning the name of Jonny, Lucian couldn't help but frown. His tone suddenly became thin, and he replied with one word domineeringly, "he deserves it!"

"Lucian, you're being so childish now!" When Amelia heard what Lucian said, she couldn't help feeling that Lucian was childish but annoying.

No matter how angry Lucian was with her, it seemed that a gentle glance from him could melt her anger.

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