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   Chapter 215 Go To The An Group For Him

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So did Amelia?

On the other hand, Lucian gave a cold shoulder. If anyone dared to get close to him, he or she would be easily frozen by his cold words, and it was even hard for them to say a word of concern.

"Lily, let me cook dinner." Amelia was afraid that she would think about the troubles once she became quiet.

"Mrs. Amelia, you should go to accompany Mr. Mark. He is a good boy today. He won't cry." Lily knew that Amelia had been busy all day. Besides, she was caught in the rain just now, so she asked her to have a rest.

At the mention of Mark, Amelia felt a sharp pain in her heart as if she had stepped on a soft spot.

Amelia walked to the crib and held Mark in her arms. She caressed his face and pressed her lips on his.

During the dinner, Lucian didn't show up. Lily was very anxious ad she was about to ask Amelia to call him, but Amelia was in a bad mood now. She didn't want to upset Amelia, so she didn't say anything.

Amelia and Mark were sleeping in the guest room at night. In the next morning, when Amelia was washing herself, she heard Lily was knocking the door anxiously.

"What happened?" Amelia opened the door and was shocked to see Lily in a panic.

"Mrs. Amelia, Mr. Lucian answered a phone call and got furious. He walked out while walking. Now he's out..." It seemed that Lily was very anxious.

Amelia frowned. Although she was very anxious, she still found a reason to comfort herself, "it should be something about work."

"It's okay if it's about work, but it's bad if it's about other things!" Lily seemed to hear some critical words, so she couldn't help but make blind and disorderly conjectures, "Because Mr. Lucian said on the phone that he should have a competition with someone as if he was going to have a fight!"

"Did he really say that?" When she heard the word "fight", Amelia brought the memory of the day when Lucian and Jonny fought in a flower shop.

Her heart couldn't calm down at all. She turned around, quickly changed her clothes, let Lily take care of Mark, and then drove out of the SJ Garden.

She wasn't sure if her guess was right. If Lucian was going to see Jonny, it must be very terrible.

While driving, Amelia dialed Jonny's number, but his phone was powered off.

All of a sudden, she became completely flustered. She kept calling Lucian. At first, no one answered the phone. But then the phone was turned off, she couldn't calm down at once.

She had no choice but to call Courtney. She thought that more people were much more powerful. And every time when she was not calm, Courtney would always give her some good suggestions. So she really needed to give her some good suggestions alone.

Courtney asked her to drive to the milk tea shop and pick her u

ound, she seemed to have recognized Amelia. She pointed at Amelia and asked, "Are you the Miss Amelia in the news?"

"Yes..." A sense of dread rose in Amelia's heart when she heard the receptionist's question. After all, the news was about her negative side. At that time, Courtney couldn't help but ridicule her, saying that if she went shopping and met the fans of Lucian and Jonny, they would throw eggs at her.

"I finally see the real person. You are much more beautiful than in the photo!" With a sweet smile on her face, the receptionist continued, "Long time ago, Mr. Jonny told me that if you come to the An Group, you don't need an appointment and you can go straight there with him."

"Good job. I didn't expect that Amelia has the access to the green card." Courtney echoed with envy.

Perhaps, she worried about Lucian so Amelia was not so happy about these words.

If not for Lucian, how could she come to the An Group?

But she still politely thanked her.

Before long, a tall woman came over to Amelia and Courtney with a bland smile on her face and said enthusiastically, "Please follow me, ladies."

When the elevator was going up, Courtney suddenly said, "Amelia, why didn't you ask the reception desk if Lucian was there."

Murmured Amelia. Then she comforted Courtney, "It's okay. It's better if he isn't here." She didn't have to worry about the relationship between Lucian and Jonny anymore.

"Well, I will do anything for you." Courtney said generously. Amelia felt that if she could go to see in person, then at least she would feel relieved.

"Wow, the higher, the better. Does your Mr. Jonny live on the top floor of this building?" With the sound of "Ding", Amelia and Courtney walked out of the elevator together, led by the reception girl and arrived at the door of the president's office.

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