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   Chapter 214 Don't Be Childish

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"Jonny, why are you here?" It was not until they got into the car that Amelia recognized that the person was Jonny.

"There is a dry towel in the back seat. You can wipe the rain on your face first." Jonny didn't answer her question, but cared about her wet clothes.

Amelia nodded and wiped her face with the towel. She sighed deeply.

Curiously, Jonny cast a glance at her and asked, "Are you still mad at me because I fought with Lucian just now?"

"I'm sorry, Jonny." It was not a fight at all. It was just because of Lucian's sudden attack. In fact, Amelia was really angry, but she was totally mad at Lucian. It had nothing to do with Jonny. She could only apologize to Jonny.

Jonny gave her a understanding smile. He comforted her feeling of guilty. "This is none of your business. How can I blame you for that. It's between me and Lucian. Please don't mind."

Even though he was hit by Lucian, Jonny still tried to comfort her, which made Amelia feel even worse.

"What happened between you and Lucian? Why is he so angry?" It was the first time for Amelia to see Lucian so angry that he hit Jonny.

In the past, no matter how angry Lucian was, he wouldn't do it personally.

With a self-mockery smile on his face, Jonny answered lightly, "It's true that I did something wrong. So I'm willing to take this beating."

Jonny didn't give a definite answer. It seemed that Jonny had accepted his fate.

It rained more heavily. The cloudy day was not like in the afternoon at all, but like at night.

When the car arrived at the gate of the SJ Garden, the rain kept on falling. Jonny handed the umbrella in the back seat to Amelia and said, "Amelia, take the umbrella."

"No, Jonny. I've already arrived." Amelia was about to rush into the villa in the rain.

But Jonny didn't agree with her. He insisted on handing the umbrella to her. He frowned and said, "Although we are here, if you get wet in the rain later, it would be a waste of time to drive you home, right?"

Amelia thought for a while and understood what Jonny meant. She took the umbrella over, bowed to him with apologies and said, "Jonny, thank you for sending me back. Drive carefully."

A smile appeared on Jonny's lips. His gentle voice mixed with the sound of dribbling reached her ears. "Come on in. Be happy."

Seeing that Jonny drove away, Amelia's heart tightened in an instant. She could not help but think of the blood from the corner of his mouth, which made her feel very uncomfortable.

The moment she turned around, a tall man showed up in front of her. To be exact, her forehead hit a man.

Amelia endured the pain on her forehead and looked up in horror at Lucian standing in the rain.

Although he got wet in the rain, he was still handsome and calm, but... He

an, what are you talking about?" Amelia was speechless. She felt that Lucian was going to fight with her on purpose.

"Mr. Lucian, Mrs. Amelia, I have made some ginger soup for you. You got wet in the rain just now. Drink some, or you'll catch a cold." At this time, Lily walked in with the hot ginger soup. When she found that Lucian was still wearing the wet clothes, she couldn't help frowning and said with concern, "Mr. Lucian, why do you still wear the wet clothes? Change them quickly or you will get cold!"

After saying that, she looked at Amelia with fear. Seeing that both of them looked pale and there was a trace of seriousness on Amelia's face, Lily suddenly understood and went out, leaving the ginger soup on the table.

Amelia didn't say anything. She took up the ginger soup and drank it up.

With a glimmer of anger in her heart, she thought of his words, "Who will take care of Mark if she catch a cold?"?

She drank up the soup in a fit of pique.

"Lucian, we're both grown-ups. I'm okay with you throwing a tantrum. That's all for today. You decide yourself!" Amelia finished her sentence and left the bedroom.

The bedroom had been filled with a long silence after Amelia left.

"Mrs. Amelia, did you have a fight with Mr. Lucian?" Lily, who was preparing dinner in the kitchen, couldn't help whispering when she saw Amelia coming downstairs.

Amelia frowned and said sadly, "If only he quarreled with me."

If she had a quarrel with Lucian, no matter how much resentment she bore, it would make everything clear. But this time, it was Lucian who fought with Jonny. Lucian didn't explain why he beat Jonny. She asked Jonny, but he didn't answer her question either.

So she didn't know what happened.

"But this is the first time that I have seen Mr. Lucian get so angry. He must have been suffered a blow."

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