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   Chapter 213 Lucian beat him up

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As soon as he finished speaking, Jonny was about to leave. However, he was stopped by Lucian who was running towards him. Lucian tore Jonny's collar with one of his hands. Then Lucian quickly turned around to push Jonny who hadn't realized what happened and knocked him to the ground easily.

"Lucian, stop!" Amelia was shocked by what she saw.

The scene of fighting in front of her made her tremble with fear. She was about to stop it, but she heard Jonny who was on the ground, "Amelia, this is a battle between men. You'd better stay away from it, or you will be hurt."

What kind of fight between men? She had no idea where Lucian's anger came from, and they fought in front of her, so she couldn't stay calm as an onlooker.

"Do you think that you can win Amelia's trust with sweet words? Then I will show her how hypocritical you are!" Lucian seemed very angry. He raised his hand and punched in Jonny's face very hard...

Amelia watched as if she was stabbed in the face. She could feel the pain. Besides, Jonny was knocked down by Lucian to the ground. So Lucian grasped on Jackson's throat with one hand, giving him no chance to move or resist.

"Lucian, if you have anything to say, just say it. Don't beat Jonny!" Amelia found that fresh red blood was being soaked out from the corner of Jonny's mouth. His face was swollen because of the lack of breath. He looked terrible.

"Amelia, I have given him the chance. It was his fault again and again, and I can't stand him anymore!" Lucian's voice was full of anger, and he grabbed his hand even harder than before.

Jonny had lost all his strength to speak. His eyes became particularly soft because of his weakness.

"Lucian, you are highly educated. Why do you have to hit me instead of reasoning with me calmly? You let me down, you know? " Amelia begged. She was about to cry as she tried to get Jonny out of trouble.

It was fair to say that Lucian hated her tears the most. As long as he saw her cry, he would soften his heart.

So at the next moment, Lucian loosened his grip on Jonny and warned, "For the sake of Amelia, I let you go this time. But if this happens again, I'll make both you and the An Group die an ugly death!"

"Jonny, are you okay?" Noticing that blood oozed from Jonny's lip, Amelia was worried. She took some tissue and gave it to Jonny. Then she apologized, "Sorry, Jonny. If it weren't for my opening, you wouldn't have been injured."

Jonny took the tissue that Amelia handed to him, and pulled a smile like the bright sun. He shook his head casually. "Even if there is a mountain of swords and fire when your shop opens, I will still come here to send my blessings.


Amelia wiped her tears and forced a smile, "I was moved by what you said."

"Are you silly?" To make Amelia happy, Courtney told several jokes.

"Courtney, I have to go home now. I'll come back early tomorrow, Now I need to see Mark first." Although she was sad about what Lucian said, she would not stay out for just angry words.

"Ah, I didn't make it. I've told several jokes, but you didn't smile at all. On the contrary, you frown deeper." Courtney said in a frustrated tone.

After leaving the flower shop, Amelia found that the sky was overcast. Since it was Lucian who drove her here, she had to take a taxi home.

It began to rain after she arrived at the platform.

It was not rush hour now, but there were not many taxi available She waited for a long time at the stop, but none of them stopped.

The rain was getting heavier. Even her feet splashed water.

She hugged her skinny body and took a step back to keep her shoes from getting wet in the rain.

The God was really cooperative. When she was down, it rained again. Then he blocked her way back home by another rain.

Anxiety seemed to be useless, so Amelia sat down and waited quietly for the taxi. Meanwhile, she was in a daze since she was absent-minded.

"Get in the car, Amelia." At this time, a luxury car stopped in front of Amelia. Since the rain was loud, she did not hear the man's gentle voice.

Sitting in the car, Jonny had to open the door and get off. Then he pulled Amelia, who sat on the platform, into his arms. He covered her head with his coat and whispered to her, "Slow down, don't wet your shoes."

At the same time, in the car, Lucian just bumped into this scene, and anger burned in his heart like a raging fire.

He thumped the steering wheel really hard.

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