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   Chapter 212 The Flowers Are So Special

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Updated: 2020-02-13 00:32

"Is this Rely On The Rice And Spend? I've heard its story! " Suddenly, Courtney interrupted and excitedly told the story of the flower. "The flower is love in a flash. The sparks of love are brilliant and beautiful, but they are more beautiful than the Epiphyllum. In the end, it has a strong spirit, which represents courage..."

Amelia held the flowers in her hands, and her eyes fell on the flowers. She was lost in thought, as if she was quietly enjoying the beauty of the flowers.

"Courtney, you seem to know a lot about flowers." An appreciative smile appeared on his face, and unconsciously, his eyes shifted to the pensive face of Amelia.

"No, I'm not. I'm on par with Amelia in every aspect, but I'm crazy about flowers and plants." Courtney blushed with compliment, noticing that Amelia was in a daze. She followed, "Mr. Jonny, since it's a special gift, does it have some special meaning?"

A hint of nervousness flashed in Jonny's eyes, but he quickly regained his composure. He smiled and said, "Because Amelia is also special in my heart."

His voice was full of tenderness and affection.

"Tut-tut, Amelia, If you were not a married woman, I would have thought that Mr. Jonny was in love with you." Courtney said directly, but Jonny immediately felt embarrassed.

Amelia came back to her senses and shoot a fierce glare at Courtney out of embarrassment. Then she explained to Jonny, "Jonny, please don't be angry. Courtney didn't think too much before she talked."

In fact, Jonny wanted to say that if what Courtney had said was exactly what he wanted, would he scare Amelia?

Annie was a married woman. Jonny's love for her was as beautiful as the story of Rely On The Rice And Spend.

Moreover, he was doing it just on purpose.

He never had her. Amelia never thought about it seriously and always felt that he was concerned about and loved by his brother.

He really loved her. However, he had no other choice but to be careful in front of her. He would rather be her brother.

"Don't stand still. Let's go to my milk tea shop for a cup of milk tea." Courtney invited him passionately, trying to make amends.

Jonny didn't reject Courtney's invitation for he thought he could stay with Amelia for one more second, even though he had some work on hand to deal with.

"Amelia, you've made milk tea in the milk tea shop before, and your skill must be no worse than mine, so it's time for you to show off!" After entering the milk tea shop, Courtney intended to take a break. After complimenting the skill of Amelia, she turned to look at Jonny, eyes full of admiration, "Handsome guy, come to my small milk tea shop. We are greatly honored by your presence. I should accompany you personally or I really don't deserve the presence of you!"

"Miss Courtney, you are so eloquent. If you work in the An Group, I wonder how many business you will

created a prank when he saw that Amelia looked so lovely.

Amelia looked at Lucian, waiting for him to speak. However, Lucian didn't say anything.

"Hey, are you kidding me?" All of a sudden, Amelia came to her senses. She grabbed hold of Lucian's arm and kept shaking it.

As soon as Amelia finished her words, Jonny appeared at the door of the flower shop.

"Why are you here?" Lucian asked in a cold voice, which was not as joyful as just now, but mixed with a sense of dislike.

Amelia got stunned. She didn't know what to do.

"As her brother, I should come here to congratulate Amelia on the opening of the flower shop." Said Jonny unhurriedly with a smile on his face. Comparing with the dark face of Lucian, Jonny looked much gentler.

"Well, I hope that's exactly what you're thinking right now." Lucian's voice was cold and emotionless, which made Amelia feel nervous.

Jonny was very calm and smiled as usual. He said to Jonny, "You are always the winner in business. Why are you so insecure in love?"

His tone was somewhat defiant.

"You have two minutes to get out of my sight right now!" Lucian's mood wasn't better, with a dislike in his eyes, and even his tone sounded unhappy.

"Lucian, Jonny is here to congratulate on the opening of my flower shop. Be nice to him!" She had no idea why Lucian became so arrogant all of a sudden. It seemed that Jonny had done something to provoke him. Before, he greeted Jonny in a polite manner. But this time, he said not only coldly, but also in an angry tone.

"Amelia, don't try to speak for me. Otherwise, he will be jealous!" As soon as he finished speaking, he looked at Lucian and said, "Don't think that this method can stop me. I have told you that I will never give up the opportunity to strive for what I want."

Amelia was confused when she heard what Jonny said. But his tone was very serious. She didn't know why Jonny said that.

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