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   Chapter 211 Mark Needs A Sister

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"That's different. Besides, I have a better choice!" Amelia was thrilled. She hadn't told him her second plan yet.

"What? What choice? " Apparently, Lucian was confused by Amelia. Seeing that she was in high spirits, he felt happy for her.

In fact, although he said he didn't agree, he thought he would support her whatever she did as long as she was happy.

He didn't want her to be so tired.

"Mrs. Amelia, you and Mr. Lucian have something to talk about. Just leave young master to me." As soon as Lily finished cooking and changed the clothes, she walked to the living room and said to Amelia.

"Okay." Touched by her elegance and kindness, Amelia expressed her gratitude to Lily.

After taking Mark away, Amelia gave the schedule on the hand-made list to Lucian and said with a smile, "There is an empty shop next to Courtney's milk tea shop and I've talked with its owner. The rent of one shop is 20000 Yuan, but it's in a good location and I believe there will be many customers coming to it! "

"Mrs. Amelia, you act first and report afterwards." Lucian squinted and exposed Amelia's intentions bluntly.

Amelia admitted that she had made the decision by herself, but she was discussing it with him.

When she noticed the look in Lucian's eyes darkened, she was afraid that he wouldn't agree with her proposal.

"Lucian, the flower shop is next to Courtney's milk tea shop. In the future, these two shops are next to each other and we can take care of each other." Amelia didn't want Lucian to think that she should stay at home cooking or taking care of children and get a free ride on his efforts. She wanted to do a job she liked just like others.

Lucian knew that the reason why Amelia said so much was to dispel his worries.

With his eyes suddenly lit up, a gentle smile appeared on his lips, and his handsome face showed his charm. He said to her in a mellow voice, "Okay, I'm relieved to have Courtney with you."

"So you mean you have agreed?" Amelia looked at Lucian with surprise.

With a doting look at her face, Lucian nodded solemnly.

"Wow, thank you, Mr. Lucian!" Amelia was so excited that she walked to Lucian and kissed him on the neck.

"You know what? You are seducing me." At the sight of this, Lucian caught hold of Amelia's hands and turned sideways to get the upper hand. His deep eyes turned red because of the kiss.

Amelia could tell the reason why there was a trace of scarlet in Lucian's eyes clearly. Then, she buried her head in his arms, like an obedient kitten, motionless.

She thought that as long as she acted a little more tactfully, he would let her go.

"Why are you so quiet?" Feeling confused by her sudden silence, Lucian reached out his hand and touched her head, with a touch of love.

Amelia's face suddenly turned red. She was so shy that she h

lived happily every day and didn't have any secrets between each other. Although the story ended with a tragedy, Amelia and I will keep a pure and beautiful heart like the baby's breath." A big smile lit up Courtney's face. She was so thrilled that she reached out her hand and held Amelia's hand. With a determined look in her eyes, she said, "No matter what changes, your friendship with me will never change."

"Ah, why are you so affectionate? I'm almost crying!" Amelia patted on the back of Courtney's hand. She burst into tears.

"I didn't mean to make you cry. Stop crying, Mr. Jonny. Don't laugh at me." Courtney smiled awkwardly. She comforted Amelia while looking at Jonny apologetically, "I'm sorry. Women always like to cry."

"I'm also moved." Jonny blinked his eyes, and there was a touch of warmth in his gentle eyes. He said with emotion, "This shop has a good name. I'm moved by your sisterhood!"

Speaking of which, Jonny couldn't help but clap.

Courtney was amused by this. She tried to make fun of him and said, "Mr. Jonny, you know, my back is so dark. I'm afraid that Lucian will be jealous."

"How about I make it another?" Amelia quipped.

"Don't change it. I won't blink even if Lucian put a knife on my neck!" Courtney smiled cheekily.

"He is very generous, and he know that you're next door to the flower shop, so don't worry. This name will be a reward for you!" Amelia was very grateful for Lucian's support this time. When it came to Lucian, the light of happiness on her face was dazzling.

And it made Jonny feel painful.

"What kind of flowers are they? I haven't seen them before! So special! So beautiful!" Courtney asked in surprise, noticing the flowers Jonny gave to Amelia.

"This is Rely On The Rice And Spend. It's a simulation flower, but it bears a profound meaning." Jonny looked at Amelia and explained in a soft voice.

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