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   Chapter 210 Acting Cute

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"Lucian, the milk tea shop I owned has been sold out. Do you have any objection to my idea of opening a flower shop now?" During the dinner, Amelia asked tentatively.

In the morning, she had a talk with Courtney and Courtney suggested that she open a flower shop in the downtown because girls liked flowers and plants.

"Or a toy shop, a doll shop and a bookstore are also okay?" It seemed that Amelia was afraid that Lucian wouldn't take her suggestion seriously.

"Mrs. Amelia, you think too much. It makes me feel like a whim." Lucian snapped sharply.

"Mr. Lucian, I want you to give some advice. After all, you are in charge of the home." Amelia replied playfully.

Hearing her words, Lucian raised the corners of his mouth lightly. It seemed that Amelia had put on a smile today. So he agreed, "Since you are flattering me on this, I have no choice but to promise you."

"So you agreed?" Amelia had been well prepared to say something nice. She didn't expect that Lucian would agree so easily.

"It's time for dinner now. As for the reward, I'll ask for more after I get to bed." Lucian said calmly.

Hearing what he said, Amelia blushed at once. On the edge of embarrassment, she caught a glimpse of Lily who was standing aside with a slight smile on her face.

"Lucian, how can you be so impudent?" Amelia blushed scarlet with shyness. She didn't expect that Lucian would be so calm and natural when he said that.

"Maybe someone just overthought it. I just want you to massage my back before falling asleep. Isn't it too much?" Lucian said with a wicked smile.

Amelia was embarrassed and a little embarrassed. She felt like she was teased. Therefore, she gave Lucian a hard stare and said impatiently, "I don't want to do that!"

"No, no, No. I'll call my boyfriend later. How can you do this to me? I'm missing my boyfriend every minute and second!" Lily protested.

Amelia and Lucian smiled at each other, especially Lucian. He acted like one of her parents and said, "Lily, when are you going to introduce your boyfriend to us? As your family, I'm supposed to help you with that."

"Yes, last time you said that, look at my memory!" Lily patted her head awkwardly.

Amelia smiled with understanding. "It doesn't matter. The IQ of a woman in a relationship is almost zero."

"Amelia, don't say that. Yesterday was just a suggestion. You've already finished your plan. I'm so appreciated for your competence!" It had been almost three months since Courtney got pregnant. She vomited a lot during her pregnancy, so she couldn't manage the milk tea shop very well. At the same time, Lucian was about to transfer the One Meter Sunshine to another one, because Amelia happened to take over the one meter sunshine from her. All of a sudden, she felt that she had lost her job, so she took over the shop that Courtney intended to sell.

Amelia smiled complacently and said happily, "or else, you can give him some reward

's very easy for Melissa to pester Kent. In order to avoid this happening, I agree with her to work in Lin Group. Anyway, I have to take over my father's company sooner or later." In Courtney's view, it's a two for one thing to let Kent work in Lin Group.

"I don't think Melissa will be so unreasonable. After all, you and Kent have been married..."

"I just want to take preventive measures in advance!" Courtney giggled.

"Okay," All of a sudden, Amelia lost her words. She thought of Sasha. Last time, Lucian told her that she was in a bad condition. Though she was a rival in love, she could not help but think about it.

At dusk, the golden lights of the SJ Garden were all lit up. The walls were painted white. The whole house was surrounded by the golden lights.

"Amelia, I heard that you went to the shop today?" After dinner, Lucian was watching the ball game in the living room. When Amelia and Mark came over, he asked with concern.

Amelia was a little surprised, but then she joked, "I really doubt that Mr. Lucian has installed a monitor behind me, and whatever I do can't escape your eyes!"

"Good idea. You don't need to worry about me every day." Lucian quipped.

Amelia stopped asking for a snub and answered seriously, "We had planned to sell the milk tea shop of Courtney here, but later we changed our mind."

"Why not?" Lucian raised his eyebrows and looked vague.

"The milk tea shop of Courtney is sort of the fruit of love between her and Kent. They have gone through a lot of difficulties, and the shop is also a witness. If I change the decoration style after I serve them, I feel that I have done something cruel..." Amelia pouted and told Lucian what was bothering her.

"So you don't have the heart to destroy their memories, do you?" Lucian immediately understood what she was thinking, but in turn, he comforted her, "You can keep the original decoration style, so that they will also have memories to look for."

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