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   Chapter 209 We Will Meet Someday

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"Alas, I'm too narrow-minded. I've always regretted that I always fought with Amelia in the past. Now, everyone has been avoiding you and me. Fortunately, Amelia forgive me." Although Yolanda still took it to heart that Lucian had reported Vernon and Jasper, she knew who was to blame. Occasionally, she would be glad that Lucian had reported them. If Jasper had reported them repeatedly, the consequences would be more disastrous.

It was late at night when Lucian returned home from the home of Sophia.

He thought Amelia had fallen asleep. But as soon as he went to the living room, Amelia jumped out of the sofa and cried in confusion, "Lucian?"

"Amelia, why haven't you gone to bed?" Lucian answered her in a low and pleasant voice.

Amelia thought he had a social dinner tonight, so she sniffed his clothes and there was no smell of alcohol except the familiar fragrance of mint.

Lucian was amused by her cute reaction. He looked at her dotingly and rubbed her head. "I didn't drink tonight."

"Where did you go?" Amelia's sweet face was not as pale as she had been when she came back home from work. Her cheeks had regained their color, and with a smile on her face, she looked more energetic.

"My friend wanted to talk to me. She's all right now. Let's go upstairs and have a rest." However, on the other side, Lucian didn't want to mention the name of Sophia, as it had reminded Amelia of the sad memory in her heart.

"I'm sorry. I didn't treat you well just now," At the thought of the moment when Lucian came back home and how nervous Amelia was, and she responded coldly and even loudly drove him out, a pang of guilt welled up in her heart.

Lucian just came out of the bathroom. His hair was still wet. He wore a white bathrobe around his waist, showing his strong chest muscles. Under his sexy appearance, he was full of the charm of a mature man.

Lucian glanced at Amelia and smiled. He felt a sense of mischief when he heard what Lucian said. Then he strode towards Amelia and said like a rascal, "Do you think a kiss is enough to make me feel better? That's so hurtful."

Because of the warm breath of each other and the teasing words of Lucian, Amelia blushed and said shyly, "Since you don't accept my apology, I take it back!"

Amelia replied quickly.

Lucian frowned and an evil smile appeared on his sexy thin lips. It was hard to hate such a smile, and maybe that was because of his good looking.

"Honey, close your eyes." Lucian said gently as he looked at the delicate face of Amelia.

"What are you doing?" Out of curiosity, Amelia closed her eyes obediently.

At this moment, Amelia closed her eyes, who appeared to be fairer under the bright light. Her cheeks were flushed, making people want to kiss her.

"Bastard!" Amelia was shocked with her eyes wide open when she felt a gentle kiss. She turned her

ou haven't cried a whole day!" The moment Amelia returned home, Lily was full of admiration for Mark.

"Really? My son is awesome! " Amelia opened her arms and held Mark in her arms. After a wild kiss, she said to Lily with a smile, "Lucian has promised me to go to work. He will not have free time anymore!"

Seeing that Amelia was so happy for her, Lily was really happy for her. But she couldn't help but criticize her, "Mrs. Amelia, you're not kidding. Mr. Lucian doesn't want you to go to work and suffer at all!"

"I was just kidding!" Amelia shyly stuck out her tongue. She looked at the time and was about to make dinner in the kitchen. "Help me take care of Mark. Although it's warm now, the little boy is very active. He fell down accidentally or he ate carelessly."

"Are you talking about my son again?" Before Amelia entered the kitchen, she only heard Lucian's pleasant voice coming from the porch.

"Dad Dad... " Mark stammered before Amelia could react.

"Oh, good boy, come here. Let me hug you!" Lucian held Mark in his arms and smiled. He pretended to show off and said to Amelia, "my son is really a good boy! He calls me daddy!"

Hearing the complacent voice of somebody, Amelia felt disturbed instantly and corrected him by saying, "I didn't hear Mark call dad. It was clearly a sonic boom!"

Hearing what Amelia said, Lily couldn't help bursting into laughter, "Mrs. Lily, it's a good thing that young master called Dad. How could you be jealous?"

"Exactly, how could you be jealous?" Then Lucian smiled at his son and said, "Mark, you have to learn to call your mom, or dad will be put in the jealousy jar."

Lucian said in a voice dripping with sarcasm.

"Jealousy is good for your skin. You should drink more." Amelia answered.

"Am I black?" All of a sudden, Amelia felt that their conversation was so childish. So she shut her mouth and went into the kitchen.

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