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   Chapter 208 Falling In Love With The Same Man

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Amelia pulled herself out of Lucian's arms. She looked at his handsome face, and her eyes were full of tears. She felt sorry for what she had done to worry about her. She wanted to think it through all by herself. So, she pleaded in a low voice, "Lucian, please leave me alone. I always took on these bad emotions alone. If I could not let myself go, it will useless however you comfort me."

"Why is it your own business?" Lucian hugged her again and felt worried. He said, "You are my wife. It's my business whether you feel happy or sad. I can't let you endure it alone."

Tears hung in the eyes of Amelia, she pushed away Lucian and said sorrowfully, "You only make me feel that this is really a big thing. I don't need your comfort and help! Get out! "

She decisively refused Lucian's kind intention, although she was feeling guilty and sad.

She didn't even know what had happened in the past. Telling it to Lucian would just annoy him.

And there was a shocking truth behind it, which made her unbearable to face.

Lucian didn't want to upset Amelia, so he promised her, "Okay, then I'll go downstairs with Mark. If you are hungry, go downstairs and have some food."

Amelia didn't respond but turned her face aside, as if she was unfamiliar with Lucian.

Before stepping out of the bedroom, Lucian stared at Amelia for a long time. He looked at Amelia with concerned eyes and felt sorry for him. He was a good husband and he should do something for his wife.

"Mr. Lucian, how is it going? Does Mrs. Amelia still refuse to go downstairs for dinner? " Since Lucian came back, Lily had been waiting at the stairway. She thought that Amelia would go downstairs for dinner because of Lucian's persuasion, but he didn't expect that even Lucian couldn't persuade her.

Lucian's eyes became deep, and the look on his face became intense because of displeasure.

"Has Mrs. Amelia been out today?" Lucian asked coldly.

Lily also came to the living room. She stood in front of Lucian with respect and replied cautiously, "Mrs. Amelia went out not long after you left. At that time, I was worried about her when she went out alone. I wanted to tell you, but she just said that she could protect herself. When she came back, she didn't even have lunch time. She wasn't hurt, but she looked very bad. She answered my question with such a humble look I was so angry that I thought she didn't have a good rest, so I asked her to hold the little master upstairs. But she only replied that she wasn't hungry when it was time for lunch. I knocked at the door for a long time, but she didn't answer me... "

Lily gave some details about Amelia. After that, she raised her head and looked at Lucian with trembling eyes. She found that Lucian's eyes were cold.

"Mr. Lucian, Mrs. Amelia must have been hit by something. You should take the opportunity to comfort her." Lily said slowly.

Hearing that, Lucian gave a thin smile. Then he handed Mark to Lil

equences!" Sophia was clear in her mind that even though she was full of resentment, she was still clear that Lucian and Amelia should not be responsible for it.

"Mom, have you lost your temper because of what happened to your family?" In Yolanda's eyes, Sophia was a powerful fighter who never gave in. She could be tolerant to everyone, except for Amelia, and she always wanted to give her a terrible blow.

"Put it here and I can take it as the fee for inviting Amelia." With a joyful smile, Yolanda raised the bank card left by Lucian just now.

Sophia glanced at the bank card and didn't say anything, but told Yolanda, "We have owed a debt. You go to see how much money in this card tomorrow. Pay the money back if you have enough."

Hearing that, Yolanda was surprised and asked Sophia doubtfully, "Mom, you told Amelia the truth in order to get the money, didn't you?"

Yolanda remembered that Sophia promised Vernon never to tell what happened in the past to Amelia before he was put into jail. Why did Sophia break her promise?

Sophia didn't think it was wrong to do so. At that time, she just wanted to earn Amelia's trust. If she could ask her for help in the future, it would be easier to deal with the matter.

"I always know that Amelia is softhearted. I thought she couldn't help but ask. She wanted to know more. She wanted to find out our current residence and help us when she saw our difficult days. But unexpectedly, Lucian came here before her." Sophia didn't conceal any truth about what happened in the past, for two reasons. One was because she wanted that she could not regret in the future, and the other was because he didn't want Amelia to misunderstand Vernon more.

Sophia felt that the depressed cloud in her heart for more than ten years finally disappeared after she spoke it out.

She and Iris were good friends back then. If they hadn't fallen in love with the same man, the embarrassing situation would not have happened.

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