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   Chapter 206 There Is Another Man

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"We're fine. It's much better to have a child that it's full of sweetness. Yolanda is not as lazy as before. She found a well-paid job outside and the family can live well." Sophia answered the question, with a satisfied smile on her face.

This was the first time for Amelia to see Sophia smiling kindly, which made her fall into a trance.

"You..." Amelia found that she didn't have much to talk with Sophia. As she was about to ask Sophia about what happened to Iris, she failed to ask the question all of a sudden.

Sophia realized what Amelia meant and actively mentioned, "I know that you are here today to ask me about the cause of your mother's death."

Iris had passed away for nearly eleven years, and the pain that she once thought she couldn't endure had been buried deeply in her memory. However, she would miss her often, not just thinking of the sadness of losing her.

Maybe this was the best way to say goodbye.

But the best explanation for Iris' death was to figure out what made her commit suicide.

Sophia glanced at the waitress who was walking back and forth because of cleaning, and frowned as she didn't think it was a good place for talking. "Amelia, let's talk about it in another place."

Amelia looked around and felt that she had not thought it through before she came. After all, the catering business didn't open until nine o'clock. It was just half past eight now. If they waited for them to finished cleaning, it would be obviously unrealistic.

"It's still early. I don't think it's a good place to have a chat." Murmured Amelia in a low voice. She looked around and felt annoyed. Although they were not far from the milk tea shop, Courtney hadn't opened the door yet. It was inappropriate to talk with her in front of Courtney.

Just as Amelia was hesitating and didn't know what to do, Sophia proposed smilingly, "If you don't mind, you can go to our home."

"What?" Although Sophia were not as ferocious as usual, Amelia thought that she should be on the safe side before she came, so after thinking for a while, she refused, "You just said that this place is a little far from your residence, so it's quite troublesome to go there."

Amelia thought that she could escape with this excuse, buts he didn't expect that Sophia kept on talking, trying to earn Amelia's trust. "If you worry that I have harbored malicious intentions, you can invite your best friend to come with us."

Sophia was right. Amelia actually doubted the reason why she invited her to her home.

Amelia looked around and found no suitable place for chatting. Looking at the car parked not far away, she pointed at the red car and said, "If you don't mind, we can talk in the car."

Looking in the direction where the finger of Amelia was pointing at, w

Amelia's mind. Although she was not comfortable hearing that Iris was with other men. But when she asked herself, she remembered that Vernon was very cold to her, and he respected Iris even more.

She seemed to have figured it out, but there were still many things she didn't understand. For example, why didn't Vernon divorce Iris after he found out that she had another man in her heart?

Sophia continued, "Vernon has mentioned divorce, but your mother was so agitated that she promised to stay away from that man. He agreed because he was softhearted."

"Really? What about Yolanda? " Yolanda was older than her, so she had asked everything clearly.

"It was just an accident after we got drunk. That night, Vernon was so drunk that he said all the things that had been bottled up in his heart. And I gave myself to him because I loved him deeply..." Sophia was recalling what happened a long time ago. She was shy, but her tone was firm because she didn't regret.

Somehow, Amelia felt choked up in her chest. She never thought the truth would be so ridiculous.

In her mind, Iris was a great selfless and kind-hearted woman, but after hearing what Sophia said, her image was totally changed. She became a bad woman who was unfaithful to marriage.

"No... You made up all these to prove your innocence! " Amelia said in a daze and didn't know what to do.

Iris was her mother, the gentle and kind mother who always thought for her, no matter what Sophia said.

In her memory, how could such a gentle woman do something unfaithful to her husband?

"I know it's hard for you to accept it in a short time. But I swear to God with my personal dignity that if I'm not telling the truth, I'll be struck by lightning and die in my boots!" In order to show her determination, Sophia said a series of self-cursed words in the passenger seat.

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