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   Chapter 205 Jonny Has A Crush On You

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All of a sudden, Lucian laughed and said in a tough tone, "I hope this kind of childish things will not happen again. Otherwise, Jonny, you and your An Group will all suffer!"

Jonny smiled fearlessly and said ironically, "When did Lucian learn how to threaten others like Edmund?"

"Don't connect me with him. He threatened me in order to achieve his own interests, and I do it for... My beloved woman. " Lucian paused, perhaps out of embarrassment.

"Don't worry. I respect Amelia. As long as you treat her well, I will never have any unrealistic ideas." Jonny always knew that what he thought was not true.

If Amelia ever had the idea to be with him, she would make a choice when she pretended to be a couple last time instead of Jonny just pestering her.

Wearing a faint smile, Lucian said nothing.

Perhaps he understood that Jonny's so-called concession was not to maintain integrity, but to shrink back from difficulties.

If he had a chance to attack, he would still fight for it.

In the SJ Garden, Amelia was preparing dinner carefully. Hearing the rustling rain outside the window, she panicked. She stood in the living room and looked at the clock. It was the time when Lucian got off work. She called him, afraid that he didn't take an umbrella.

"Lucian, where are you?" Amelia asked anxiously when he picked up the phone.

At this time, Lucian arrived at the door of SJ Garden. He guessed that Amelia might be worried about the rain, so he teased her deliberately. "It rained as soon as I arrived at the company. It seems that I can't leave for a while."

"Didn't you take an umbrella with you?" Amelia clenched her fists and asked, "Where is Eric? He should drive you back."

Lucian stood at the door, snickering, and scolded inwardly, 'What a silly girl.'

"Amelia, what did you say? The signal is bad in rainy days. I have to hang up the phone first. " After saying that, he disconnected the phone.

"Wait, wait, wait!" Amelia opened the window, and the heavy rain poured the cold air into the room. After that, she closed the window in a hurry and found an umbrella in the doorway, ready to drive to the company to pick up Lucian.

The moment Amelia opened the door, a tall figure appeared in front of her. And she was quite familiar with this man.

Noticing the mischievous smile on someone's handsome face, Amelia immediately realized that Lucian was making fun of her. She glared at him and said angrily, "Lucian, how childish are you! It's just a joke!"

She put the umbrella back with her mouth high.

With a joyful smile on his lips, Lucian walked up to her, put his sharp chin on her shoulder and said in a gentle voice, "Thank you for your concern, my good wife." Then, the soft lips of Lucian covered on Amelia's smooth and tender cheeks.

"Guess whom I met today?" Lucian felt hungry and walked towards the dining room.

Amelia followed him and asked, "Could it be that many of your pursuers?"

Lucian rolled his eyes at her and repli

she almost used part-time jobs to make up for her daily expenses, and she still led a frugal life.

She remembered clearly that she only earned seventy-five yuan when she washed eight thousand glasses a whole afternoon. However, she was very content at that time. After all, the seventy-five yuan could support her through a week.

"Amelia, have you been waiting for a long time? I'm sorry. The place we are living now is a little far from here... " As she was lost in her thoughts, a woman's voice suddenly cut in, interrupting her thoughts.

Amelia drew back her gaze, and looked at the woman sitting opposite to her. Her face showed a trace of surprise.

The woman in front of her was different from what she used to be. In the past, Sophia usually wore a beautiful cheongsam, even in winter, which made her figure more graceful.

Sophia was dressed in a plain color, and her shirt was a cotton shirt that had been out of fashion for a long time, which made the beautiful Sophia look a little old and shabby.

"I just arrived too." Amelia was calm. She looked at the porridge on the menu. She guessed that Sophia still hadn't eaten anything yet. She pushed the menu in front of Sophia and said in a polite tone, "Please order some food."

Obviously, Sophia was overwhelmed by an unexpected favor. Holding the menu in her hand, she glanced through the menu. In the end, he ordered a bowl of the cheapest porridge with an embarrassed smile. "I'm not used to having breakfast. If you want me to order, just order one porridge. It's good for the stomach!"

The voice of Sophia was nothing about scorn, which surprised the audience.

The woman sitting in front of her was full of peace and shyness. She looked as if she had been a simple country woman from the countryside to the prosperous city. She was restrained and at a loss.

"How are you doing?" Amelia noticed that there was blood on the back of her hand as he was moving the cup. The cut was fresh, so she asked in concern.

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