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   Chapter 204 Why Do You Sell These Things To Me

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After hearing what Yolanda said, Amelia was in a bad mood.

She had heard from Lucian that the Mo family's house had been sold out to pay off the debts because of Vernon's sudden incident. She had forgotten to ask about where they lived now.

Fortunately, Yolanda left her phone number. Amelia planned to spare some time to meet Sophia because she had always been doubtful about the death of Iris.

On the top floor of the Zhan Group, the CEO's office was located there.

"Sir, the CEO of the An group, Mr. Jonny is here." Reported Eric, his assistant, with great respect. He knocked at the door and walked in.

Lucian was about to invite Jonny over, but he didn't expect that Jonny would come without invitation.

"Invite him in." Lucian replied softly.

The next second, Jonny entered the office in a beige suit.

With the simple interior design, the spacious office made people feel relaxed instead of being fatigued by work. With a smile on his face, Jonny said, "It seems that I need to change my style to my office."

Then, Lucian looked up immediately and look at Jonny. He smiled and asked, "Mr. Jonny, did you come here to visit my office?"

Jonny just smiled lightly and sat down. He beat on the sofa with his slender fingers and said to congratulate, "Recently, the business of the Zhan Group has made a big progress. You must be in a good mood."

With a playful smile on his face, Lucian closed the documents in his hands and said, "Thank you for letting us get the chance to win in the first place."

The two seemed to be having a pleasant chat, but in fact, a dark fire was raging.

"You deserved it." Jonny smiled leisurely. Although it was a good project that lost, he had never thought about a fight between the An Group and the Zhan Group.

"Have some tea." When Jonny was a little distracted, Lucian had made the tea and brought it to the table next to Jonny.

Jonny was flattered. He felt that he had a close relationship with Lucian, but sometimes they were far apart.

"You must be thinking that we were that close when we were young, and you could say whatever you wanted to say, but now you have to think in your mind. You really feel uncomfortable, don't you?" Lucian seemed to have seen through his mind and guessed what he was thinking at the moment.

Jonny nodded in agreement. He heaved a sigh and said, "Yes, it's wonderful memory when we were young."

Although the topic hadn't been talked through that day but Lucian wanted to talk about it, he still wanted to take the opportunity to ask again, in case things would go contrary to his expectation.

Jonny picked up the tea made by Lucian and asked with courtesy, "How are Mark and Amelia doing recently?"

"Not bad." Lucian couldn't help laughing. He said in return, "Is there any family members to celebrate the Chinese New Year's Eve with you this year?"

"I used to live alone abroad. It's different this year. I feel happy to live with my m

y that question again.

"Don't you wonder why she went to the SJ Garden?" Jonny squinted and asked in reply.

"Was it not because of your deliberate arrangement?" Lucian asked impatiently.

"Although I did it on purpose, Claire is really pitiful!" Jonny raised his tone and emphasized.

"Then tell me. I'd like to hear." With the tea made, Lucian sat on the leather chair leisurely.

"I was in a bad mood that night, so I went to a KTV with my friends and bought some bottles of beer when I was singing. Claire was so pretty and thin that my friend couldn't help but flirt with her. She always had a cold face and hid from my friend. I thought she was a worker here at that time, so I didn't pay much attention to her. Then I heard from my friends that her mother had just passed away. She was doing this for survival. Then I got in touch with her... "

"Why does it sound more like your romantic encounter?" After hearing what Jonny said, Lucian didn't think Claire was pitiful. Instead, he thought it was fate for Claire and Jonny to meet and make a good match. So he tried to make it happen. "Now that you have feeling for Claire, why don't you take the first step? Maybe I can forget that you let her stay with me. "

"Since when have you become so unkind? In order to eliminate a rival in love, you sell these women to me when you see women. " Jonny purposely complained.

"Come on. You talked about Claire and her poor family background on your own initiative. I don't believe you can't be moved at all." Lucian seemed to see through him.

Jonny had to admit that he had a different feeling about Claire, but this feeling was at most a kind of sympathy compared with that of Amelia. The only person he cared about was Amelia.

At the thought of this, Jonny suddenly raised his head and found that Lucian was looking at him with sharp eyes. He couldn't help but smile. "If it is what you want. After all, we haven't known each other for a long time."

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