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   Chapter 203 The Death Of Iris

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"I'm telling the truth. What's wrong with me?" "It's none of your business.".

Nicholas furrowed his brows deeply. While Amelia was chasing after Lucian, he reminded Lucian coldly, "You've got what you want. Don't get involved in the matters of the children."

This made Fannie even more unhappy. She replied impatiently, "I not only have to gain a firm foothold in the Zhan Group, but also have a place in the family. As the mother-in-law, it's natural for me to discipline my daughter-in-law!"

Fannie felt that she as a mother was neglected. Lucian was not her own son, so she feel that he was out of her control.

"Amelia is so sweet and kind. Other mother-in-law would love her very much, but you are the only one who was picky to her." Nicholas sighed, knowing his words didn't work.

"Lucian!" Amelia trotted all the way but failed to catch up with him. From a long distance, Lucian was standing in front of the black luxury car and preparing to open the door to leave.

Under the eaves of the mansion, there was a row of red lanterns, reflecting the warm red halo. In the warm atmosphere, Amelia could feel that Lucian was icy cold all over.

She caught up with Lucian and took Mark over. "You know Mom better than I do. Why are you mad at her? We'll have the family reunion dinner tonight. Dad will be sad if you're not here."

After the Chinese New Year's Eve dinner, Lucian and Amelia went back to the Zhan mansion. They didn't want to Nicholas to be lonely, so they came here early to have the family reunion dinner.

With an unhappy look on his face, Lucian answered, "We'll go home after dinner."

Amelia couldn't help laughing, "Okay, how can you act like a child?"

The weather was getting warm after the new year and the Mark had grown up a lot, so she could take him out at last.

"Mrs. Amelia it's very nice to take young master out in such a good weather!" It was stuffy in the SJ Garden, so when Lily went out, she felt the world was beautiful.

"It's Lucian who gave me a special privilege. Otherwise, I wouldn't have brought Mark out without permission." She just couldn't stop smiling when she mentioned that.

From last night to this morning, she had been begging Lucian to allow her to take Mark out for fun.

The reason why Lucian refused her was very simple. He said that without him, the safety of Amelia and Mark wouldn't be guaranteed.

The only thing that Amelia could do was to write a safety guarantee letter.

Of course, he didn't want her to make a promise. He just thought that Amelia couldn't even ensure her safety.

"Mrs. Amelia, Mr. Lucian was really worried about us." Lily couldn't help laughing.

"It's all his fault. He has so many pursuers." Amelia pouted with discontent. She didn't want to make so many enemies.

However, Amelia couldn't hide the self-satisfied smile on her face.

"It doesn't matter this time, because Mr. Lucian has sent people to protect us."

even her tone was so cold.

"The Mo family has experienced so many ups and downs, and my mother has a deep feeling for it. In order to ease the burden in her heart, she decided to bear the mistakes of that year forever." Sadness was plain in her eyes. Yolanda looked at Amelia and said in a sad tone, "No matter how bad my mother is, she is still my mother. I don't want her to have nightmares every night. I hope you can promise me that you will go to see her and give her a chance to repent of her sins."

Iris suicide was quite strange in Amelia's eyes. Although she was suspicious of Sophia, Amelia never dared to convict her of murder. Now from what Yolanda said, Sophia was indeed involved in the tragedy.

"What's your phone number then? I'll call you when I'm free." Amelia would like to hear how Sophia forced Iris to death.

"Amelia, I used to fight you. And now I get my retribution. I hope you can forgive me. Now I am tasting the bitter fruit of my retribution, and I've grown a lot, especially after I have Bonnie. I know that I should be softhearted, or I can't set a good example to my child." Yolanda told her what she thought about recently and Amelia felt that she had indeed grown a lot.

In the past, they had always been at odds with each other as soon as they met. Now as a mother, her hostility had been reduced a lot. Finally, she smiled and replied, "As you said, in order to set a good example for the child, be merciful. Let what happened in the past go and remember to be happy."

"Thank you." Yolanda smiled in relief. Before leaving, she held up Bonnie's hand and said, "Say goodbye to auntie."

"Mrs. Amelia, who is that woman just now? If you don't come here soon, I have to ask someone for help!" Lily had watched Amelia talk for a long time. She was afraid that she would get hurt.

Amelia couldn't help laughing, feeling that Lily was a little too worried about her, "Who dares to mess around in broad daylight?"

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