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   Chapter 202 She Cheated On Me

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"It's even harder for ordinary people like us to become a member of the rich. I didn't expect that there are still so many troubles in the depths of the wealthy family. Alas, it seems that we're still living an ordinary life!"

Jonny was completely irritated by Edmund's words. He closed his fists and collected strength again, punching towards Edmund.

The force was so strong that Edmund fell from the chair to the ground, which made him look very embarrassed.

Jonny didn't intend to let him go easily. He became more and more irritated. He suddenly seized him by the collar and fiercely warned him, "If you dare to say anything rude to my mother again, I will let you pay for it!"

Blood oozed from the corner of Edmund's mouth. His eyes were wide open. He didn't look afraid. On the contrary, he was desperate. He gave a wry smile and said, "I'm telling the truth. You are just unwilling to accept the truth."

Lucian knew that Edmund and Jonny didn't get along well with each other. And Edmund didn't teach Jonny well. When they met each other, they were almost strangers.

"Edmund, my mother never blamed you for what you did these years. When you were out with other women, she didn't even say anything harsh to you. You are the only man that she insulted. You don't deserve to be a man!" Said Jonny as he threw Edmund's collar off. His face was full of disgust.

Jonny's memory of Edmund was only rude.

As long as Edmund got back home, Emma would be beaten and scolded by him. It was also time for Jonny to be rebellious. He hated what Edmund had done and always thought that he must rely on himself when he grew up. He didn't want to see Emma being bullied by Edmund again.

"And you? How could you be so arrogant as a mistress?" Pointing at the nose of the heavily made up woman, Jonny scolded.

The woman with heavy make-up looked innocent. She realized that the club was surrounded by many onlookers. She felt so ashamed that she stamped her feet and ran out of the club in a hurry.

"Lucian, since she's your friend, I'll leave this awful mess to you." In a cold voice, Jonny said, taking a glance at Sasha in Lucian's arms.

Lucian was about to say something more, but was stopped by Sasha. "Lucian, I'm too ashamed to face anyone now..."

With a frown, Lucian noticed that there were a lot of people looking at them, so he didn't want to ignore Sasha. He said, "you can go now."

Now the most important thing for him was to take Sasha out of the hotel, even if he had many questions to ask Jonny.

"Lucian, although you are a business elite, you are really a mess when it comes to relationships." Just as they were about to leave, Edmund suddenly said.

Lucian didn't think about the implication of Edmund's words carefully, but replied coldly, "you'd better clean up the mess first when giving advice to others."

Now that Edmund was not the CEO of the

ct that Sasha would have a tough time now."

"Don't worry about it. Let's teach her a lesson. She has high self-esteem. She won't give up easily." Lucian didn't know much about Sasha, but he knew her temper. He didn't think that she would be easily defeated.

In the New Year's Eve, the fireworks lit up the whole A city.

"The New Year's Eve dinner tonight is very special. Come, sit down and have a taste." Nicholas greeted everyone with a smile and full of praise for the New Year's dinner made by Amelia. "Amelia, with your cooking skill, the Zhan Group can attack the catering industry!"

Every time Amelia cooked in the Zhan mansion, she would be praised by Nicholas. After a long time, she had got used to it.

"Lucian, the Zhan Group has a new project recently. You should pay more attention to it. We can't live without you every day!" Fannie suddenly interrupted Nicholas's words and reminded Lucian with a serious look.

Lucian's chopsticks paused. He frowned with dissatisfaction and replied, "Mom, I know what I'm doing."

"Yeah, Fannie. It's New Year's Eve tonight. Let's just chat for a bit, not talking about work, okay?" Nicholas said in a tone of consulting. Although the smile on his face was stiff, he wore a friendly smile all the time.

Dissatisfied, Fannie said in a serious tone, "what do you know? I have a share in the Zhan Group. I'm trying to put the interests of the whole world above everything."

"Dad, let's eat." Nicholas knew that Fannie was a persistent woman, so he was reluctant to argue with her.

"Amelia, don't forget to clean up the house. Otherwise, Lucian will worry about you." Fannie turned to Amelia and tried to persuade her.

"Okay," Amelia's cheeks suddenly turned red, and she nodded obediently.

"Mom, can you stop being such a killjoy?" Lucian angrily dropped his chopsticks and left the table with Mark in his arms.

"Lucian..." Amelia shouted in panic.

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