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   Chapter 201 The Arrogant 'Third Party'

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Amelia nodded her head obediently. When she thought she could do nothing to help, she encouraged him, "Lucian, I believe you will meet her again."

In this way, Lucian would be less guilty and be happier.

Perhaps, Lucian hadn't been under so much pressure in his heart before. Now, his memory deep in his heart was renewed by Claire's appearance. Even if he thought about forgetting it, he would feel sorry for letting it go.

On a rainy afternoon, Lucian made an appointment with Jonny.

In the business club, Lucian sat by the window. 20 minutes earlier than Jonny, he stared at the falling rain in a daze.

"Lucian, have you been waiting for a long time?" All of a sudden, Jonny's warm voice pierced through the silence of the club and reached Lucian's ears.

After saying that, Lucian looked up, as if he had been struck dumb by something.

He smiled lightly, "are you free today?" Lucian asked politely. After all, it was office hour.

Wearing a suit, Jonny carried a document case in his hand. He must have come here in a hurry from the company. However, he couldn't help teasing Lucian with a smile on his face, "We've been polite with each other all the time. It's impossible for us to get close to each other again!"

Lucian then tried to ease the embarrassing atmosphere, "Sorry, my memory is still the time you were a journalist. I almost forget that you are now the president of the An Group, so you have the freedom to come and go."

Jonny's brows furrowed. He glared at Lucian unhappily and said, "You talk as sharply as before. You are even sharper than before if you don't spit it out."

"Is my words really that sharp?" Lucian didn't think so at all.

"Tell me, why did you summon me in such a hurry?" Jonny stopped smiling and asked seriously.

Jonny remembered that the last time he met with Lucian, it was he who came to thank him with Claire.

Since Jonny asked, he didn't need to beat around the bush. He asked directly, "Jonny, don't you have anything to explain?"

"Explain?" Jonny squinted and probably understood what Lucian meant, but he still pretended to be calm.

"How on earth did you get to know Claire?" In Lucian's opinion, there was a coincidence in the world, so it was a mere coincidence for Jonny to find the little elf in that year.

"Oh, I see. It turns out that..." Jonny didn't feel stressed at all. He smiled and said, "What? Claire bothered your family?"

With his eyes fixed on Jonny, Lucian said bluntly, "The more you pretend to be relaxed, the more I think it's not that simple."

Lucian didn't mention to Jonny that Claire had made the SJ Garden a mess. But now, he used this word to irritate him. It was really hard to believe.

Jonny then continued to explain, "Last time when I heard Amelia, she told me that Claire was not simple. So she ca

Seeing this, the woman with heavy make-up couldn't help taunting, "you turned out to have relationships with many men!"

Lucian glared at the heavily made up woman and warned, "try to think twice before you say."

The woman with heavy make-up was as pale as mud. Her pale face flushed immediately after she probably knew something.

"Dad, you're fooling around with other women behind my mom's back. Why don't you feel ashamed at all?" Jonny, who had been silent all this time, could not help taunting him.

"Isn't this the CEO of the An Group?"

"Yes. Look at the old man. Is he the former president of the An Group, Edmund?"

"Don't say that. Yes, it is!"


The onlookers were gossiping, and even the waiters standing on the side of the bar counter began to point fingers at Edmund and the women with heavy make-up.

After a moment of silence, an evil smile was raised on Edmund's face. He didn't think there was anything wrong with what he did. Instead, he asked justly, "she can cheat on me, so can't I have fun outside?"

Edmund's words stirred up heated discussions.

Many people had been speculating that the relationship between Edmund and Jonny was very subtle. Now, it seemed that they were not getting along well with each other. It was totally strange for Jonny to take over the position of president of the An Group.

"You don't want your face but I want mine!" Jonny was so angry that he clenched his fists. Because of his identity, he finally suppressed his anger.

Edmund knew that Emma was Jonny's bottom line. To annoy him, he didn't intend to change the subject. He continued with a sarcastic tone, "Your mother cheated on me many years ago. I had great fun out there. How could you compare yourself with her to a man sneaking around?"

"It turns out that Jonny's mother cheated on Edmund. There are a lot of information about it..."

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