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   Chapter 200 The Fake Identity Was Exposed

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Claire wanted to get some care from Lucian, but she found that his look was not right, so she didn't dare to act like a little girl in front of him.

Lucian looked at Claire from head to toe and felt disappointed. He said coldly, "Claire, you know that I agreed to let you stay in the SJ Garden without any strings because I wanted to help you with your disease. But now I realize that it's all wrong. You don't deserve my trust."

Lucian sounded really angry. A shiver ran down Claire's spine. Although she felt guilty probably because Lucian had discovered something, she still appeared calm. She pretended to be confused and asked, "Lucian, did I do something wrong? Why are you so angry? "

Tears fell down from her eyes all of a sudden, and she looked especially pitiful.

However, Zachary didn't seem to be touched at all. He asked coldly, "I have a bottom line. Don't you feel a little guilty for hurting my beloved woman and child?"

Claire was suddenly stunned and panic flew in her heart.

Claire was smart enough to figure out the reason. Could it be that Lucian had found out that the reason why Mark fell and hurt last time was because of her? And was it because she fell in the backyard on purpose just now?

Just as she was guessing, Lucian said with absolute certainty, "Claire, you're smart. Do you think no one has seen your despicable behavior?"

"What do you mean?" Claire hurried to hide her pitiful expression and showed a trace of calmness in her eyes.

"I brought the surveillance video of Mark's accident from the day he was hit. Although there is no surveillance camera in the room, the surveillance video on the corridor shows that you went to the bedroom before Mark fell and hurt. At the beginning, we suspected that it was because of your action that Mark got hurt. And till now, we are pretty sure that it was because of you."

Suddenly, Claire's energy seemed to have been drained out. She slumped down on the ground in frustration.

"There is one more thing. I don't know whether I should tell you or not. But since it has happened, I have to tell you." Lucian stood up and walked to her. He looked down at her and said, "In fact, you're not that girl at all."

After Lucian finished these words, Claire was taken aback, her eyes turning gray instantly. A feeling of despair spread from the bottom of her heart to her eyes.

She thought she just exposed her actions but not her true identity.

"Lucian, I'm exactly the girl you fell in love with years ago. Don't change my identity just because I have done something wrong." Claire held Lucian's leg quickly and begged him again and again.

Lucian removed Claire's hand from his laps and walked away. Looking down at her, Lucian asked, "Tell me, what's your purpose by doing this?"

The person who knew that his se

ian looked at Amelia and felt moved.

"When I knew Claire was not that girl, I wasn't really upset. I only remembered she was a good girl and she wouldn't do anything to hurt others just to prove her value of existence in front of me. She was gloomy, but she has a good heart." With a deep sigh, Lucian told himself to be relieved.

"It's good for a person who wants to redeem others. So, Lucian, don't worry. She must be alive." When she heard Lucian praise the girl she had never met, she didn't feel jealous but admired her.

"You have suffered a lot in these days. I'm sorry." Lucian looked at Amelia and felt sorry for her. He hugged her and said apologetically.

At that time, Amelia felt very safe in Lucian's wide arms. She didn't feel wronged at all, because in this moment, Lucian really cared about her.

Lucian didn't have enough evidence to prove that Mark was hurt by Claire. He just tested Claire.

Even though he had misunderstood Claire, he still felt dissatisfied with her attitude after she came to the SJ Garden...

"Lucian, in fact, I thought it was odd before, so I met Jonny that day in order to find out Claire's true identity." Amelia said in confusion.

"Then how did Jonny explain it to you?" Lucian already had doubts about Jonny. He always felt that it was arranged by Jonny.

He just couldn't figure out the reason for Jonny to do so.

"Brother Jonny told me that you had come across with a girl through letters and happened to meet Claire. After listening to her story, he thought it was a little similar to the little girl in the letter at that time, so he asked her to have a try and come to find you. But he didn't expect that you would make sure her identity so quickly after reading the letter..." Amelia told him what Jonny said to her that day.

"Amelia, leave it to me. Don't worry." Lucian planned to ask Jonny about it.

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