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   Chapter 199 It's All My Fault

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Recalling how happy and joyful Nicholas had been holding Mark just now, Claire's pupil suddenly shrank. She felt that the reason why Nicholas had such a good impression of Amelia was because of Mark. If...

"Amelia, why are there so many flowers in this season?" Claire walked forward swiftly and spoke to Amelia on her own initiative.

Every time Amelia came to visit the Zhan mansion, she would come to the backyard. It was all because of the attraction of flowers and plants.

"Yes, a lot of them are unknown. But they are so different. I'm stunned by them!" Amelia couldn't help but sigh.

Seeing the vines in front of her blossoming, Claire got inspiration for a plan. She changed her usual cold face and smiled. "Amelia, I grew up in the countryside, and I have seen a lot of such flowers!"

"Really?" Looking at the thorny flowers on the flowers, Amelia calmly added, "But it looks really pretty!"

"I have a favor to ask." Claire looked at Amelia and begged, "Can I pick one? Just take it as my nostalgia."

Amelia didn't have the habit of picking flowers casually. She thought these flowers were connected with the root, so that they could live with the branches. However, Amelia thought of Claire's feelings, so she couldn't help nodding.

"Thank you, Amelia." Claire smiled innocently and then jumped into the garden.

As soon as she jumped into the garden, she heard the harsh sound of her skirt, which was torn in the hem. She was about to exert force and remove it when Amelia stopped her by saying, "Wait a minute."

Claire was considering how to have Mark on her hands. Now that she finally had the chance, she wouldn't give it up easily.

"It's okay, Amelia. I can sew the dress if it's broken. You are holding Mark in your arms. I can do it myself." Claire's dress was dragged by a thorn bush. It was a winter dress, but she was so careless that it was torn up by the thorns.

"Hold Mark and I'll help you take off the dress." Amelia didn't think too much and just let hold Mark.

After she held Mark in her arms, Claire got excited, but her facial expression was well controlled.

"Amelia, be careful! Watch your hand!" She cared about Amelia so much with her eloquence and tried to find a way to make Mark injured naturally and put the blame on Amelia.

When Amelia was trying to untie the hemline of Claire's dress, Claire felt a little nervous. Claire was afraid that she would miss such a good opportunity.

Just when Amelia was about to untie the hemline of her dress, she moved a little agilely, pretending to be under the effect of inertia. Then, she fell into the thorn bushes with Mark in her arms.


"Woo woo woo woo woo..."

A shrill female voice and a burst of baby's cry almost w

ce. It's so ridiculous and pitiful!"

He snapped at Claire before coming back to his bedroom.

Claire standing outside the door was deeply baffled. She felt that she was also the victim. Why did Lucian show a great disgust to her?

"Lucian, open the door!" Claire wanted to figure out what had happened and she knocked on the door.

"Can you just stop doing that? Do you really think you are in the TV play?" Lily was too angry to stop her again.

Claire became angry and raised her voice deliberately. "I was also hurt by the thorns, except my face, I also got hurt in the arms and chest. I didn't lose my temper, why are you all angry at me?" she said aggrievedly

"You are really good at pretending to be innocent!" Lily glanced at Claire and said rudely, "No matter how you show your existence, you are just Mr. Lucian's friend. You can't be the wife of him."

As soon as she realized that she had threatened Amelia over the phone, her face turned pale and she bowed her head with shame.

"Well, you have nothing to say now?" Lily saw her embarrassed face and snorted coldly.

"Claire, Let's have a talk." At this moment, Lucian walked out of the bedroom. A cold glance swept over her face, which made people feel cold in such cold weather.

Claire didn't notice the facial expressions of Lucian at all. She just looked at his back like an anthomaniac and gloated, "I'm going to talk with Lucian. You'd better go to make up to Mrs. Amelia now."

"You!" Lily raised her fist out of anger.

In the study, it was quiet.

Lucian sat at the desk and looked at Claire who just came in silently. Then he pointed at the red chair and said, "Sit down."

The two simple words made her feel a serious atmosphere.

Claire sat down quickly and looked at Lucian with fear. "Lucian, what do you want to say to me?"

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