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   Chapter 198 A Bootlicker

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Lily made Claire's face turn red, but Claire felt that Lily was just a maid and was not qualified to teach her a lesson. She retorted with dissatisfaction, "Who says that I'm living under other people's roof? I'm very important in Lucian's heart!"

Claire relied on what Lucian said years ago and his guilt toward her. So she was confident to say this.

"Mr. Lucian, this woman is not simple. Don't be cheated by her sweet words!" Lily was irritated by Claire, so she had to persuade him.

Since Lily said those words with a bit of worriment, Lucian was a little nervous but tried to hold back the smile in his heart. He said seriously, "Lily, help take care of young master. I'll have breakfast with Mrs. Amelia first."

"Lucian, what about me?" Claire knew she should make full use of Lucian every minute.

Lucian didn't answer her. He knew she was stubborn, so he just sat down. Claire said with a smile, "Lucian, let me eat with you."

In the morning, Lucian got up late. Besides anger, Claire also felt a sense of fear.

It was not easy for her to get a chance to show off in front of Amelia. If Lucian and Amelia were in deep love, all her previous efforts would be wasted?

Amelia pretended to be particularly calm, casting a glance at Claire from time to time while she was eating.

"Lucian, it's weekend today. What's your plan?" Claire tenderly peeled an egg for Lucian, peeled it and sent it to his mouth.

Sitting opposite to her, Amelia couldn't stand it anymore. Although Lucian had told her the reason why they were suddenly close last night, she was still a little jealous. In order to cooperate with Lucian, she clenched her fists and warned herself to be patient.

"I finally have weekend break, so I want to take my wife and children out for a walk." Though Lucian handed the egg to him, he put it on the plate and elegantly savored a piece of cake.

The corners of Amelia's mouth couldn't help raising, and her eyes emitted a very easily perceived light of happiness.

Looking at the two of them with her sharp eyes, Claire felt that something had changed.

"Lucian, I want you..." Like being afraid of being snatched up the treasure, she acted coquettishly in front of Lucian.

"Miss Claire, if you want to hang out with us, I don't mind you going with us." Amelia invited with a smile.

Claire looked at Amelia inconceivably and didn't believe that she would be so kind-hearted. "Don't you mind me being a third wheel?" she asked again.

Amelia was speechless. 'If you insist, I can be generous this time.'.

"Lucian, where are we going?" She asked Desmond again and again after she set out not long ago.

Sitting next to her, Lily was dissatisfied with her and said, "Carlson is driving. Can't you just be quiet?"

Claire immediately pulled a long face and retorted, not to be outdone. "I have never seen a servant as e

All the people present had smile on their faces except for Claire with pale face.

Nicholas noticed that Claire who had a favorable impression of Lucian, so he gave a "thank you" to Amelia on purpose.

"Dad, I know what you mean." Lucian answered with seriousness.

It seemed that the father and the son were whispering to each other. Even Amelia was confused.

Even though Claire was good at performance, she kept silent after hearing the praise from Nicholas to Amelia.

"What do you think? Do you think you have overrated yourself?" When there were only two people in the living room, Lily couldn't help but ridicule on Claire.

"It's still better than you, a servant." Claire retorted with great efforts.

"I don't want to waste my time on you anymore!" Lily wasn't angry or angry at all. She had never thought that there was something wrong to be self-abased as a servant. Besides, Amelia and Lucian cared about her very much, they didn't look down upon her at all.

After lunch, Amelia planned to stroll in the backyard of the house of the Zhan mansion with Mark in her arms. Before she went there, she asked whether Claire would go with her or not.

Claire asked immediately, "Will Lucian go?"

"Lucian is playing chess with Dad. He's not going." Amelia answered her and added, "Lily have a stomachache and she want to have a rest in the room. If you don't want to go, I'll go first."

"Lily won't go with you?" Claire couldn't believe it. She always thought that Lily would accompany Amelia wherever she was. But when she knew that Lily wouldn't go with Amelia, she seemed to be relieved a lot. Then she agreed quite simply. "Okay, I'll go with you and help you take care of Mark by the way."

"Let's go." Amelia gave a smile and walked ahead with Mark in her arms.

Claire followed Amelia. An idea came into her mind. If she played some tricks now, maybe no one would notice her?

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