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   Chapter 197 You Can't Keep Your Man

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What did she say? What did she ask... Now she regretted.

Shortly after, Claire appeared at the door of the bedroom wearing the clothes that Lucian bought for her. Claire held her arms and stood at the door with a contemptuous smile on her face.

For Claire's expression, it was nothing unusual for Amelia to get used to it.

"Amelia, you know, men don't like women who are strict with their own matters. If you force Lucian like that, he will leave you faster." Claire stood at the door, with a tone of teaching.

Taking a glance at Claire standing at the door, Amelia frowned and asked in a cold tone, "Are you going to keep bothering Lucian?"

Claire ran her fingers through the hair near her ear, and with a disdainful smile, she replied frankly, "Yes, until he completely fell in love with me!"

Amelia's eyes lit up. She stared at Claire and Claire also looked back at her. They stared at each other fiercely in silence. Under the invisible contest, they were not willing to surrender.

"Amelia, you are afraid, aren't you?" A smart and confident smile was plastered on her face.

After the silent contest in her eyes, Amelia responded drily, "Since you are so determined, I have no choice but to bravely fight."

Although Lucian had been very cold to her recently, she didn't want to give up so easily, not only for herself, but also for Mark.

Claire's eyes changed in an instant. She didn't expect that Amelia would say so.

Claire had heard from Jonny that Amelia was a soft hearted person. She had thought that Amelia would give up if she drove Amelia into a dead end. It never occurred to her that Amelia would learn a lesson.

She had to play her trump card.

Claire quickly took out her phone and showed a photo to Amelia. She sneered with pride, "You're so pitiful, you can't even keep your own man. How dare you compete with me?"

It was obvious that the man in the photo was Lucian.

He was asleep in the photo. His upper body was half covered and his chest muscles were tempting.

Although she understood something, she still couldn't believe it. "Why do you have the photo of Lucian when he was sleeping?"

Claire squinted her eyes and smirked. "Of course it was when Lucian made out with me. After he was tired and fell asleep, I took a picture of him."

Make out! These words made Amelia shocked.

At that night, Lucian came back very late, reeking of alcohol. At that time, Amelia was still awake because of what Claire had said at daytime.

When she smelt the booze, she turned on the light and saw Lucian walking towards her, mumbling her name.

Amelia always felt that Lucian's voice was magnetic. Although her heart was full of sadness,


Amelia thought his analysis was reasonable, so she gave him a thumb up and said happily, "Thank you, honey."

The misunderstanding had been cleared up, and the unhappiness in her heart had been dispelled as well.

"So next, please don't be angry. You have to cooperate with me so that I can figure out what's going on." He then reminded her.

"Don't worry. I won't be jealous anymore!" Amelia made a promise and reminded Lucian, "You have to keep a distance from Claire, even just for a kiss!"

Her voice suddenly sounded domineering, but in that domineering manner, it was cute.

Lucian couldn't help laughing. He reached out and clasped the back of her head, his lips pressing on hers...

As it was the weekend the next day, Lucian and Amelia were satiated in bed.

It was sweet in the room. The sun was shining through the French window's gauze curtain, revealing the two happy lovers on the bed.

Amelia opened her eyes, which immediately reflected Lucian's handsome face.

As before, Amelia supported her head with one hand, staring at Lucian with admiration, and touched his eyes with the other hand. She felt that happiness and love were like honey coming out of her heart, and even the air smelled sweet.

They woke up late. So after getting up and going downstairs, Claire had already finished breakfast with anger.

"Lucian, why do you get up so late?" Claire walked towards him and pouted her mouth unhappily.

Amelia carried Mark to the dining room to get something to eat, ignoring the actions of Claire who was pestering Lucian.

Lily who didn't know the truth got angry. She walked over, pulled away the hand that grabbed Lucian's, glared at her and warned, "Claire, you come to the SJ Garden as a guest only, so I hope you can behave yourself!"

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