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   Chapter 195 Not In Good Faith

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Amelia shook her head without saying anything.

"Oh right, Claire went out early in the morning. I don't know where she is going. But she seemed to be very happy!" As lily mentioned Claire, she said in a tone full of resentment, "She is so annoying. Out of sight, out of mind!"

The lip print on Lucian's white shirt displeased Amelia, so she didn't listen to what Lily said afterwards.

Claire had left for a whole day. When she came back, she came back with dozens of shopping bags in her hands by the accompany of Lucian.

"Welcome back, Mr. Lucian. Mrs. Amelia is waiting for you for dinner." Ignoring the high spirits of Claire, Lily looked away from Claire in front of her and greeted Lucian passionately.

At this moment, Amelia was waiting at the dinner table with Mark in her arms. She got nervous when she heard about Lucian.

She was supposed to be unhappy about the lips marks this morning, but it turned out that she was so careful as if she had done something wrong.

"We've had dinner outside. Enjoy your meal." Lucian answered in a magnetic voice.

Hearing this, Amelia felt like being poured a basin of cold water, freezing all over her body. The delicious dishes in front of her suddenly lost attraction.

"Lucian, thank you for buying me so many things today. You make me feel like the happiest woman in the world!" Then, a slick and proud voice came through the big living room to the dining room, which made Amelia suddenly lose her spirits.

"As you please." Lucian answered her calmly.

"I will go to put the bags in my hands first." After saying that, she ran upstairs.

Holding Mark in her arms, Amelia didn't even touch the plates of food until Lily came to him. She said with concern, "Mrs. Amelia, it's okay. I'll eat with you."

After putting Mark back to the pram, Lily put some food into the bowl of Amelia and said nothing.

Amelia took a bite of her favorite food and found that she had no appetite at all.

"Mrs. Amelia, young master needs milk. You'd better eat some." Noticing that Amelia had a poor appetite, Lily was worried and wanted to say something. But she was afraid that if her words showed too much comfort, it would irritate the sadness in Amelia's heart.

Although it was an old trick, it worked well with Amelia as she didn't want to starve Mark for lack of food.

After dinner, Amelia watched TV with Mark in her arms. After a short while, Claire came downstairs with two gift boxes in her hand. She gave the two gift boxes to Amelia and smiled, "Amelia, do you like this necklace?"

Facing her cunning smile, Amelia raised her head and looked at Claire confusedly. "I don't recognize these jewelry."

She seemed to give an irrelevant answer, but she was indeed emotional.

"Lucian accompanied me to go shopping today. He asked me to choose whatever I wan

standing behind her asking with a sweet voice, "Amelia, Lucian bought it for me. Which one do you think looks good on me?"

She had two long wind coats in her hands and was so annoyed that she didn't know which one she should choose.

Hearing that it was from Lucian, Amelia's face darkened. She was a little annoyed, but when she looked back, she pointed at the first one.

"How do you like this one?" She held the one picked by Amelia and pursed her lips with a smile. She didn't listen to her and said, "Okay, I choose another one!"

As for Claire's opposite choice, Amelia didn't say anything but turned around to continue eating.

The man on the other side remained silent. Amelia didn't look up, either. The atmosphere in the dining room was a little dull.

Claire was dressed in new clothes and wore a fur hat. With a red scarf around his neck, she sat down in front of the table and looked at the food on it. She frowned and said, "I don't want to eat bread and milk. I want to eat noodles this morning."

Amelia was stunned, but she didn't respond to Claire's words. She just heard Lucian speak lightly, "let Lily make noodles for you."

Lily didn't mind preparing noodles for her. But her voice was so annoying. What's more, she was so talkative that she sat next to Lucian at breakfast. She couldn't stand her flattering expression.

"Mr. Lucian, I have to take care of the young master, and I really don't have time to cook noodles for Miss Claire. If she wants, she'd better cook it herself." Lily refused calmly. Then she walked to the crib and pushed Mark into the living room.

Claire didn't expect that Lily would turn down Lucian's proposal openly. She was not happy at that moment and looked at Lucian who was standing next to her. She said with anger, "Lucian, you servants are so rude. She is dissatisfied with me, but she doesn't even listen to you!"

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