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   Chapter 194 Incompetent Mother

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"Because of love?" Lucian gave an incredulous smile. He looked at the delicate face of Amelia and mocked, "It's said that it's a good place for lovers. The romantic atmosphere between you and Jonny will definitely improve sharply, won't it?"

A dash of sharpness flashed across his eyes after he finished speaking. It felt like a sharp knife that cut her heart before she could realize it. The knife was so quick that she couldn't even breathe.

"Lucian, how could you say that?" He knew that she and Jonny were just ordinary friends. Why did he misunderstand her.

She admitted that she made Mark sick because of her carelessness, but she didn't want it to happen either. She was already very guilty, but Lucian still stabbed her with other reasons.

Lucian ignored the pitiful look in her eyes because of sadness, and said coldly, "As a mother, you really fail to do your duty."

The words made Amelia freeze. She looked at Lucian in disbelief. Her thin lips pulled a straight line because of his indifference, and deep in his eyes was a dark chill.

She knew that she shouldn't leave Mark aside while he was in need of breastfeeding, so she didn't complain about it at all. But the coldness around him made her feel sad.

Mark's fever had gone down. After the doctor confirmed that there was no sign of fever, he agreed with Lucian to take Mark home.

It was already ten o'clock at night when they came back to the SJ Garden.

Returned to the bedroom with Mark in Lucian's arms, followed by Amelia.

The room was especially cold because of the silence. Standing behind Lucian, Amelia said softly, "I'll take care of Mark."

Perhaps because Mark had to be fed after he woke up at night, the serious look on Lucian's face finally eased a lot. He agreed with Amelia, but he still reminded her coldly, "Keep an eye on Mark. I don't want anything happen to him."

"Okay." Amelia answered softly, but because of the cold tone of Lucian, she was still depressed.

After making it clear, Lucian walked out of the bedroom. It seemed that he didn't want to stay with Amelia alone.

Amelia looked at the door of the bedroom closed by Lucian. The following tranquility made her feel lonely.

Since she hadn't had dinner yet, Lily made a bowl of red date and white fungus soup for her specially. When she brought the bowl to Amelia's bed, she explained apologetically why her phone was turned off in the afternoon, and then told her about what had happened after Mark had a high fever.

"Lucian told you to turn off your phone?" Amelia felt sad, but she remained quiet and calm.

"Claire's quite good at embroidering the truth. Otherwise, it was impossible for Mr. Lucian to be angry with Mrs. Amelia since he had been through a lot? And I have made an excuse to tell you that Mrs. Amelia went to see Miss Courtney, but Claire

long time before he turned his sharp eyes from her and said in a low voice, "The temperature has been lifted and down these days. Keep an eye on it."

"Okay." Amelia nodded and looked at him closely.

With that, Lucian walked into the bedroom, looked at Mark with concern for a long time, and then went to the bathroom.

Listening to the sound of the rushing water, Amelia felt a sense of comfort in her quiet heart.

After coming out of the bathroom, he changed into a suit, and made himself look neat. Then he turned around, stared at her and said, "I have an important meeting today. Please take care of Mark."

In fact, Lucian wanted to say that Mark was still sick and that she would work hard, but when he spoke out, the tone changed, and she felt it was a polite alienation.

"Mark is also my child. Don't worry." Amelia smiled in a friendly way and said, "Don't forget to have lunch."

Although she just worked for Lucian for few months, she knew that Lucian was a workaholic. She had heard from Eric that he often forgot to have lunch, so she would remind him of it before he went to work every day.

But today, after she said her daily care words, he just nodded, not coming over and kissing her as usual.

After Lucian left, she quietly went to the bedroom for washing and found the clothes of Lucian. The shirt needed to be hand washed. When she was about to put it into the water, she found a fresh red lip print on her collar.

Amelia couldn't believe her eyes. She stared at the white shirt blankly.

Except for the collar and the cuffs, she had left more than one lip print...

If she hadn't been called by Lily and told that Mark was crying after he woke up, she would have been unable to come to senses.

"Are you okay, Mrs. Amelia? You don't look good." As Lily was helping Amelia, she found that Amelia was not only absent-minded but also grim faced.

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