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   Chapter 193 Be With Other Men

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Jonny was amused by her funny words, and the gloom of their early blind date was dispelled by her words. "We will all get drunk if we are not drunk in coffee. By the few words of Amelia, I have nothing to worry about."

"Senior, if there's anything that makes you unhappy, just tell me. We can encourage each other as before, and then everything will be solved!" Amelia said vigorously. Her eyes were bright. When she smiled, there were two deep dimples on the corner of her mouth. Seeing that, Jonny got drunk in her sweet smile as if he had drunk wine.

"Amelia, maybe I'm wrong..." He felt ashamed and decided to change his original plan.

"Don't think too much. I know you don't want sworn mother to worry about you. You can't force her to do anything. Maybe she hasn't been lucky enough to meet you. When she is, you don't go to see her, then she will come to you on her own initiative!" Amelia thought that Lucian wanted to make Emma worry about her marriage.

Somehow, Jonny felt that Amelia's words had a magic to warm people's heart. No matter how hard he had tried to stay close to her, her words had shown great concern for him, and her lonely heart had been softened by her words.

"Amelia, thank you for your advice. I'm feeling much better now." No matter how ambitious he was, he couldn't be a cruel wolf in front of Amelia.

It was time for dinner when Amelia and Jonny came out of the cafe. Jonny proposed to have dinner in the hot pot restaurant. As Amelia had been out for too long, Amelia was worried about Mark and rushed back.

Although Jonny really wanted to have dinner with Amelia, he had no choice but to obey her under this circumstance.

"Senior, thank you for sending me back." After they arrived at the SJ Garden, Amelia got off the car and made a gesture of cheering. "Come on, Jonny. I hope I can hear your good news as soon as possible. In this way, I'll be happy, too."

With a smile on his face, although Jonny felt a little sad when he heard that Amelia would also feel happy for him.

"Humph! You're the only woman who can hang out with other men without her son!" The moment Amelia returned to the living room, a mocking voice came from the top of her head.

Amelia raised his head and found that Claire was standing in front of the steel guardrail with her long hair draped over her shoulders, looking down at him with a disdainful face.

Amelia withdrew her sight and was about to go upstairs without talking to her.

"Your son is not in his room. Why do you still go upstairs?" Claire asked in a cold voice after Amelia went up two stairs.

"Where is mark?" By instinct, her face was full of anxiety. She had a bad feeling and kept rushing to the bedroom upstairs.

In the bedroom, Amelia searched a few times, but still couldn't find Mark. As for the study, the guest room... She had even looked everywhere in the room where there was a photo of Iris.

has been brought down. Don't worry." Said Lucian in a flat tone. He sounded a little annoyed.

Amelia dared not to look at his face. Although he didn't blame her harshly.

"Let me hold Mark." With a guilty look on her face, Amelia reached out her hands for Mark.

"He is not feeling well now. It took him quite a while to fall asleep. Let me help him." Lucian refused Amelia's request. The coldness and indifference on his face were making that she didn't dare to get close to Lucian.

"Okay." Although she was sad, what Lucian said was reasonable.

She followed Mark closely with her eyes. She stretched out her hand and was about to touch Mark's face to feel his temperature, but it was taken away by Claire's quick hand. Then, she said sarcastically, "the date with Jonny was secretly made in a cafe, and the child had a high fever and didn't care about it. Now he is acting as a good wife and a good mother. How ridiculous it is!"

Amelia's face suddenly turned pale, and her face turned red because of guilt. But her reaction made Lucian think that what Claire had said was right for Amelia. The anger in his heart was like the fire that couldn't be extinguished, and quickly spread all over his body.

"Claire, don't exaggerate the fact. Mr. An and Mrs. Amelia are just friends!" Lily next to her was so angry that she thought if it were not for Claire's sharp tongue, Lucian wouldn't have asked her to turn off her cell phone and make it hard for Amelia to contact her.

"Lily, don't be so confident. You are too young to show that you know everything. What's more, Mrs. Amelia didn't speak for herself. I was just telling the truth!" Claire said in a very stern tone as she looked at Amelia with a determined look on her face.

Amelia looked at Lucian's handsome and charming face, and from the light reflected in his eyes, there was no warmth in the past, but only deep and cold, with a kind of indescribable coldness.

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