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   Chapter 192 He Doesn't Only Love You

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"Sorry, I have never taken you as my competitor." Amelia smiled without any pressure and said directly, "because I believe that Lucian's decision won't let me down."

She trusted Lucian to the greatest extent. At least, in front of her, he had clearly told her what was his feeling to Claire?

Claire's face darkened in an instant. She glared at Amelia angrily, not showing the slightest feeling of weakness. "Amelia, you are not the only woman a man can love in his life, including Lucian!"

Facing Claire's sharp tongue, Amelia retorted immediately. "So, Miss. Claire, please get close to Lucian as much as you can to confirm your prejudices. What do you think?"

Claire was speechless. After putting on the cruel expression, she felt extremely embarrassed.

"You can't do anything to me. On the contrary, you can make me never stop!" Claire gave a cold snort with an expression of unyielding determination.

Amelia knew that she could control her attitudes when she talked with Claire. She didn't want to irritate her, which might trigger her asthma again.

In the afternoon, Jonny called and asked her to have lunch with him. Amelia wanted to refuse him at first, but after recalling that last time, Lucian told her that if it weren't for Jonny, Claire wouldn't be able to run into him again. So she wanted to know the whole story.

The coffee shop she met Jonny was a literary one. Amelia had no habit of drinking coffee. But she was deeply attracted by the unique decoration style of the coffee house as soon as she entered. All kinds of books were placed on the wooden bookshelf, and a little tiger shaped kitten curled up on the sofa. Hearing the waiter's enthusiastic greeting, she immediately came down from the sofa and changed the nap place to the bar counter.

"Have a seat, Amelia." Said Jonny with a smile, standing in front of Amelia.

Amelia nodded at him with smile.

"This cafe is not fancy at all. It's simple with a thick book fragrance in the air, which will make the person who comes in quiet, and is especially suitable for the person who has broken up with his or her heart." Jonny ordered a cup of mocha, and then showed the directory to Amelia, recommended, "The South Mountain coffee here tastes good, and it's full of mellow flavor. Have a try."

Amelia seldom drank coffee, so she didn't know much about coffee. In addition, she had difficulty choosing, so she listened to Jonny.

After ordering the coffee, Amelia looked up at Jonny and found that he was staring at her with slight burning in his eyes.

A sense of shyness passed through her heart, making her face burn instantly. The heat came to her face recklessly, and she had to bow her head and avoid it.

"Amelia, you look thinner..." A distressed voice came from the opposite and his heart was beating fast.

Amelia was a little surprised. He touched his face and smiled awkwardly, "really? I feel I'm much

u think so, I'll accept my mother's kindness." Like being in a fit of pique, Jonny's eyes were getting hotter and hotter.

Amelia felt that Jonny's eyes were too eye-catching. She looked at him and said, "you must be complaining about me in your heart, with your eyes full of anger."

Jonny closed his eyes and couldn't hide the smile on his lips. "I'm not willing to be angry with Amelia. Even if I have some complaints in my heart, I won't regret it," he said.

"Senior, you were too weird today. I didn't mean anything." Amelia looked at Jonny and said seriously.

What Amelia said was right, and even Jonny himself thought so.

All he thought about during the blind date was Amelia. He called her a month after the meeting.

She thought Claire would be more or less emotionally influenced the relationship between Lucian and Amelia if she showed up quickly.

When the negative news was released, Lucian stopped all the negative news at once, but the next day, he asked the media to delete all the false rumors that were related to Amelia. At this time, Jonny realized that Lucian really loved Amelia. Even if he didn't give up, he could only observe it from a distance like before.

"Amelia, how wonderful it would be if you were the same you in this world!" Jonny looked at the blank expression on Amelia's face and couldn't help but sigh. But after that, he felt that the repeated Amelia was not as good as the original her.

Jonny knew that it was impossible for him to get married with Amelia for the rest of his life, or he would be lost in various dreams with her.

"Me? The same one?" Amelia got more confused. She couldn't help making fun of Jonny, "is your coffee or wine? Stop talking nonsense! " After saying that, she specially took the cup of coffee in front of Jonny and smelled it. Then with a childish smile on her face, she said, "it's not alcohol. Is it because Edward used coffee to anesthetize himself?"

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