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   Chapter 191 Why Self-deception

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Lucian smiled. He thought that Amelia was so cute when she felt jealous.

"Amelia, I'll find a smart place for Claire to move out in a few days." Lucian suddenly said.

Stunned, Amelia looked at Lucian in disbelief. "Didn't you say you would cure her depression?"

"I thought so at first, but then I found that she was more likely to be emotional and asthma than before when she stayed at the SJ Garden. It wouldn't be a good way..." However, on the contrary, Lucian was in a bad mood because of that.

Amelia thought so too. Besides, the accident of Mark's fall and injury in the afternoon was quite strange to her.

They had agreed on a few days. The next morning, Lucian made a call to Eric asking him to find a villa with a quiet environment.

Eric was an efficient man. They had already found the room that afternoon.

So after dinner, Lucian told Claire this matter, and Claire was particularly strange at that time.

"Lucian, what did you say? You want me to move out? " The bowl in Claire's hand dropped onto the floor because of the shock. She looked at Lucian with her shocked eyes.

Lucian felt really flattered by Claire and didn't want to repeat it.

"Miss Claire, there is a limit for you to be a guest. Do you really intend to live in the SJ Garden forever?" Lily snapped, not caring whether Claire would be happy or not.

"No... Lucian, you won't do that. You won't... " As she looked at the dishes on the table, he was suddenly at a loss. At this moment, she felt it difficult for her to accept the decision made by Lucian.

Amelia didn't say anything all the time. When she saw the breakdown look on Claire's face, she felt pity for her more or less.

"Claire, you have promised me that you will keep calm and not be emotional?" Looking at her, Lucian said in a cold voice.

Claire suddenly quieted down and bit her lower lip tightly, with tears in her eyes which seemed to be filled with grievance.

"Now that you insist on forcing me to leave the SJ Garden, I won't be so shameless as to beg for your forgiveness. But, Lucian, I hope that I'll completely cut off the contact with you if I leave, so that you don't have to pretend to care about me!" Claire said swiftly and went upstairs.

Looking at such a situation, Amelia felt helpless. She pulled the sleeve of Lucian and said, "Lucian, how about letting Miss. Claire continue to live here. If she is irritated, she really has to leave you, and you will be more worried."

The problem that Amelia asked was what Lucian was worried about.

"Mrs. Amelia, kindness is a virtue, but it is not rampant. I now think she is the reason why young master got hurt!" Lily who sat beside her couldn't help interrupting.

Amelia suddenly fell into silence. She didn't criticized Lily, because she had the same doubt in her heart.

With a cold expression on his face, Lucian asked Lily in confusion, "what the hell is going on?"

Perhaps knowing that Amelia didn't get hurt usually, he just wanted to skip the topic and ask Lily directly.

At first, Lily was a little scared. But when she thought

Miss. Claire. Although you and Lucian are good friends, now he has a family, and I hope you can choose to bless him."

Her real meaning was that she wouldn't give up the marriage with Lucian.

Claire showed an obvious expression of displeasure in her smart and deep eyes. She felt a little frustrated about the stubbornness of Amelia, but she didn't change the expression on her face and kept asking aggressively, "Can't you bear me pestering Lucian every day?"

Claire was not only very smart and aggressive, but also had a frightening look.

These words were indeed a little harsh, and Amelia felt a heartache. How could he not mind?

Looking at Claire, Amelia asked, "You know exactly why Lucian let you stay in Mo family. Why are you deceiving yourself?"

Amelia was smart and sensible, so she wouldn't go against Claire's heart anymore.

Although the words were not quite to hear, she was telling the truth. If they did not make it clear, it would make Claire have more impractical ideas for Lucian.

"Self-deception?" Claire put on a disdainful smile and snorted, "No matter what the reason is. I only know that Lucian cares about me. He can't leave me alone!"

Claire was clever and showed off the care given by Lucian. The arrogance on her face seemed to be invisible.

Amelia was speechless. Claire was right. Lucian cared about Claire a lot, even though he was feeling guilty because he had cut off the contact with Lucian in the past.

"Miss Claire, I'm going to see Mark. See you later at dinner." If they went on talking, Claire would only be more displeased. So Amelia didn't want to continue the conversation.

"Wait!" Claire stood up quickly and stopped Amelia from leaving the room. With a cold smile on her face, she said, "Amelia, I want to have a fight with you! You don't even have the desire to be a peacemaker. There can only be one who can stay with Lucian between you and me! "

Amelia's back shivered not because of what Claire had said, but because she felt herself so kind but Claire had taken her as an enemy.

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