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   Chapter 190 Mark Was Wounded

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She said with a smile.

Seeing her smile, Lucian felt relieved and said to her, "Put Mark in the crib. Lily has prepared the dinner."

"Where's Claire?" Amelia asked tentatively.

"She was resting in her room when she came back. Now she is in the dining room downstairs."

Although Amelia had no appetite, she was worried that Lily would tell Lucian that Mark was hurt because of her refusal to eat. So she simply promised to go downstairs and eat.

"Amelia, you can't spoil our son this way. She's just going downstairs to have dinner, and you're reluctant to leave him. What does he look like when he grows up?" Lucian couldn't help teasing. He saw that Amelia had kissed Mark before they went downstairs, and his face was full of worry.

After Mark was born, Lucian told Amelia that Amelia should let their son live in comfort and not to be spoiled.

Amelia agreed with him. She wanted Mark to be a responsible and responsible man when he grew up.

"No, my Mark won't." Amelia kissed Mark's lips affectionately. However, she was not scared by Lucian's words at all.

Looking at his wife, Lucian smiled and couldn't help complaining, "My dear wife, your husband is waiting for being spoiled!"

"You are just like a kid!" Amelia rolled her eyes at Lucian, stood on her tiptoe, and kissed perfunctorily on Lucian's side face. It was a simple kiss, but Amelia flushed with shyness.

Perhaps it was because what had happened in the afternoon had left a lingering fear in the heart of Amelia. When she was about to go downstairs with Lucian, she walked out of the crib with a worried look on her face.

Lucian didn't understand what she was doing. He walked to her side and asked, "Amelia? Mark is asleep. Just let him sleep in bed."

Amelia shook her head and looked at Lucian, "I want to hold Mark. Mark will be with me wherever I go."

She said in a tough tone. Her smile was gone, and there was only a trace of alienation and loss in her eyes.

"Amelia, what's wrong with you?" Lucian sensed that Amelia was not herself. Worry was written all over her face.

Amelia didn't answer but went downstairs with Mark in her arms.

Lucian followed them to the dining room. He felt stranger when he saw that Amelia had returned to normal.

"Lucian, sit here!" Claire had been waiting at the table for a long time. When she saw Lucian coming down, she greeted him in a sweet voice.

It was a big table and there were so many seats for various people to choose at the table. So after speaking with Claire, Lucian was distressed with his eyebrows twisted tightly.

But he still listened to the voice in his heart and sat next to Amelia.

Claire's face darkened immediately. She grabbed the chopsticks in her hand and smashed it onto the ground. Like a picky kid who had lost his temper at the table because he saw something he didn't like.

Hugging Mark, Amelia re

ery uncomfortable." Lucian stared at her and said very angrily.

Lucian's words made Amelia uneasy. She pressed her lips and thought if she continued talking, the atmosphere would get even worse.

"Lucian, Mark is just a little boy. I don't know what she is thinking about." Claire had a glib tongue and tried to stir up trouble between them.

Lucian pressed his lips and gave a cold look at Amelia. Then he held Mark and said nothing.

All of a sudden, Amelia felt so aggrieved that she could not help but get angry with him. Her lips were trembling and her body was shaking...

Claire was so smart that she captured the change of Amelia's mood and gave a complacent smile.

Before going to bed, Amelia made the bed and walked to Lucian's side.

Lucian seldom accused her, so she was still a little sad. When she turned around, she found that he was staring at her with sparkling eyes.

She was flustered and her face flushed.

She didn't know why she was so shy. Maybe his handsome face was always full of charm, which made her infatuated with him so that she could forget his cold attitude towards her just now.

"Amelia, I'm sorry..." Lucian said apologetically.

I'm sorry? Amelia was a little confused. Was he addicted to apologizing?

Hearing his apology, Amelia didn't feel happy but frowned, "You're Mark's father. Of course you feel sorry for him. I'm not angry at all."

She knew why Lucian was angry, but couldn't bear it, so she said it naturally.

After walking up behind Amelia, Lucian put his arms around her thin waist, bent down and gently rubbed her ear. Then he said in a magnetic voice, "say what grievances you have."

Amelia felt his neck tingled. She pushed Lucian away and said, "I didn't do anything wrong."

"You must have thought that I have changed my attitude to you since Claire moved in."

"You do have a clear estimation of yourself." Amelia answered directly.

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