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   Chapter 189 I Want You To Hug Me In

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Claire pouted and acted like a child. "Lucian, you said you would be my sun and make me happy again. Have you forgotten all these?"

As soon as Claire finished her eloquence, she hit the brake sharply, which made Amelia's body lean forward. Fortunately, she was frightened due to her distraction.

"Amelia, are you okay?" In a hurry, Lucian moved Claire's sharp hand away and got off the car immediately. He walked to the door of the driver's seat and examined Amelia. He was worried about her injury.

"I'm fine. Sorry, I didn't focus on driving..."

Lucian didn't want to blame her at all. He just worried about whether she was hurt or not.

Claire in the back seat was not that generous. She covered her chest with one hand and roared resentfully, "Do you have a problem with me? Just say it out directly. Why do you frighten me?" After that, Claire's smooth calmness began to breathe quickly again. She sat down on the seat of the car and gasped.

"Lucian, go and take care of Miss. Claire. I'll drive carefully." Seeing Claire's eloquence of being sick, Amelia tried to calm down and wanted to rush to the hospital as soon as possible.

"I... Lucian, I don't want to go to the hospital. I don't want to go to the hospital... " Claire grabbed Lucian's hand and pleaded with emotion.

Noticing that she was pale and out of breath, Lucian couldn't help but open his eyes wide. Noticing that she was afraid of the hospital, his heart softened. He said to Amelia, "Amelia, let's go back."

Lucian sounded gentle and helpless.

Following Lucian's words, Amelia turned the car around and drove back to the SJ Garden.

When she got out of the car, Claire fell into the arms of Lucian because of her uncomfortableness. Her slim body was whistling in the wind and she suddenly lost her balance.

"Lucian, I... I can't walk any longer... " Claire's face paled, and she looked very weak. Her entire body was leaning on Lucian.

Lucian frowned and was about to refuse. But Amelia walked up to him and said, "Lucian, let's get Miss. Claire in." After that, Amelia reached out her hand to help to hold Claire.

"Don't touch me!" Claire eloquence slapped off Amelia's hand extending to her in disdain. Frightened, she held Lucian's arm and pleaded, "Lucian, hug me in, okay?"

Claire's glib eyes were full of pity. Her face was as pale as snow, and her lips were dried up by her asthma just now. Her haggard look made Lucian unable to refuse her.

"Lucian, take Claire in." Amelia didn't want to make Lucian embarrassed.

Lucian glanced at Amelia before he supported Claire and said, "You can leave now. Let me help you in."

His voice was cold. Although he was concerned, his tone seemed to remind Claire of something.

Claire was smart and took the hint. With the help of Lucian, she walked into the SJ Garden.

Amelia quietly followed

rently, Mark's forehead had been swollen.

"Mark, I'm sorry. Don't cry. I'm so sorry..." Amelia was so sad to see Mark crying because of the pain.

At this moment, when Lily heard the cry of Mark, she walked into the bedroom and asked anxiously, "Mrs. Amelia, what happened to Mr. Mark?"

"Lily, Mark fell to the ground. Could you hold him for me? I will drive him to the hospital." Amelia was worried about Mark, so she decided to go to the hospital and do a full examination for him.

The doctor said that except for the bump on Mark's forehead, there was no bruise on his other part.

Even though Amelia was relieved, she still felt terrible when she saw Mark was in pain.

It was already at dusk when she came out of the hospital.

Holding Mark in her arms, Lily said to Amelia who was driving, "Mrs. Amelia, don't you think it's so weird that Mr. Mark fell over and got injured?"

Lily knew that Amelia would take good care of Mark, who was just a little boy. He couldn't be hurt.

Amelia felt the same way. Before she went into the bathroom, she put Mark into the pram. It was impossible for him to fall onto the ground.

Shortly after she returned to the SJ Garden, Lucian came back.

Amelia was depressed about Mark's injury. When Lucian went back to the bedroom to pick him up, Amelia dodged.

"What's wrong?" Lucian was confused when he noticed the expression on Amelia's face.

"Mark has just fallen asleep. Any noise will wake him up." Amelia didn't want to make Lucian worry, so she made up an excuse casually.

Getting what she meant, Lucian smiled and said, "I see. But why do you look unhappy?"

Being puzzled and unable to move, Lucian couldn't avoid the bump on Mark's forehead.

Because of her deliberate avoidance, her little face immediately flushed red. Under the tension, she continued to explain, "why am I unhappy? Do I have to be cheeky to see you?"

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