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   Chapter 188 You Don't Have The Right

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Without saying a word, Lucian walked in front of her, looked into her bright eyes and said, "Thank you." Then he kissed her gently on the forehead.

With a sweet smile, Amelia nodded at Lucian.

She understood why he said thanks and felt relieved after the gentle and light kiss.

Claire watched the scene and her face darkened.

Although it was a daily routine for the couple, she was jealous of Lucian's every intimate act to Amelia.

Claire turned around and gave Amelia a fierce look when they went upstairs.

Ever since learning about the misfortune that had happened to Claire, Amelia thought that this girl's experience was similar to that of hers. Therefore, Amelia could understand the contemptuous look on Claire's face.

After feeding Mark, Amelia went downstairs. Coincidentally, she met Lily who took her hand and looked upstairs. She said mysteriously, "Mrs. Amelia, you're too careless, aren't you?"

"Yes?" Amelia was confused. She frowned and said with a smile, "After hearing the whole story from Lucian, I don't think so."

"Oh, Mrs. Amelia, I'm not asking you to be on guard against Mr. Lucian. I'm telling you to guard against that tramp! She stepped into our family! " Lily always thought that Claire had a bad intention. She was worried that she would take advantage of the kindness and tolerance of Amelia so as to approach Lucian.

Amelia knew that Lily was so excited because she cared about her, so she tried to comfort her, "Now that you believe in Lucian, don't think too much about it."

Seeing that Amelia didn't mind what she said, Lily didn't say anything more. She just reminded Amelia, "Mrs. Amelia, it's not that I have a bias against that woman. I always feel that she has some dirty intentions."

Taking a lesson from previous experience, Amelia would pay more attention to it. Therefore, she would keep a friendly reminder in her mind.

It was time for dinner. Noticing that Lucian and Claire haven't left the study yet, Amelia walked to the door and knocked. She whispered to the two opposite, "Lucian, Miss Claire, dinner is ready."

After knocking at the door, Lucian opened the door of the study and said to Amelia in a low voice, "Come in, please."

The room was full of books and strong perfume.

When she found the appearance of Amelia, Claire quickly put away the letters on the table, looking at her in panic, and asked angrily, "Who allowed you to come in!"

She roared at her in total different way as her usual calm, gentle appearance.

"Miss Claire, don't worry. I won't pry into Lucian's privacy." Amelia turned around immediately and Claire put away all the letters.

Lucian walked over to help Claire and said to her in a low voice, "It's time for dinner. Go downstairs to have dinner."

"Lucian, you have to come with me!" She held Lucian's arm quickly and

ake her to the hospital."

"I'll go with you!" Amelia followed him. At the thought of Mark, she stopped as well. "Lily, please take care of Mark," she said.

"Rest assured, Mrs. Amelia." Frowning, Lily didn't like Claire, but looking at her panting just now, her heart couldn't help softening.

"Amelia, you drive." She was shivering as a stray cat in the cold that she buried herself into Lucian's arms, held his clothes tightly with one hand, and couldn't even speak clearly. "Lu... Lucian, don't... Please... Please don't leave me alone... "

He looked at her and her asthma, which triggered by her emotion, and promised her, "Don't worry. I won't leave you alone."

Ten years ago, because of Jonny and he didn't get along well, he cut off contact with her in a huff and didn't say anything to her.

Lucian had never expected that her life would be miserable because of his sudden leave.

After long parting with her, although he removed his worries about her for so many years, her condition now made him nothing but feel sorry and sad.

After hearing the answer from Lucian, Amelia, who was driving the car, couldn't help trembling, but her consciousness kept reminding herself not to jump into the abyss of misunderstanding.

On the way to the hospital, she put her arms around Lucian's neck. At the same time, she stopped trembling.

"Lucian, I just had a relapse of my disease..." She calmed down and spoke to Lucian in a tone of grievance.

Lucian tried to get rid of her arms around his neck, but Claire held her neck more tightly. Regardless of whether Amelia was happy or not, she said like a spoiled child, "Lucian, I'm most afraid of going to the hospital these years. Can you just not go to the hospital?"

"Don't worry. I'll stay with you in the hospital. Let the doctor check on you. You'll recover soon." Lucian tried to make his tone as calm as possible.

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