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   Chapter 187 Pretty Hot Tempered

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"Forget the unpleasant past and enjoy the present happiness." In Amelia's eyes, getting hurt was a way of growing up. If you had a failed relationship before, you could be a real mature and sensible girl.

"Lucian, I have to leave some time for Lily for her new relationship" "It's time for you to go back to your room.".

Of course, there was no objections but he asked worriedly, "I was in the company during the day. Lily will go out on a date. Can you take care of Mark by yourself?"

Noticing that Lucian underestimated her, Amelia retorted at once, "Because he's breast-feeding. I have to take care of him everywhere."

When she finished this sentence, the door bell rang.

"I'll open the door." Lucian stood up and said to Amelia.

When Lucian went to open the door, Amelia had already lulled Mark to sleep. After she carried him upstairs to the second floor, she was still in the staircase and she heard a delicate female voice coming from downstairs.

This voice was not strange, and she quickly recognized it. It was Claire.

Her heart jolted, but she quickly calmed herself down.

He was so smart that she acted in front of her. Even though she made a call to SJ Garden and asked her to divorce Lucian, all her dissatisfaction Claire her disappeared after knowing that she was suffering from severe depression.

If possible, Amelia wanted to help Lucian to bring Claire out of the gloomy world.

"Lucian, it's New Year's Eve last night. I've been waiting for you the whole night." Claire grabbed Lucian's hand quickly when Amelia walked into the living room.

Amelia stopped breathing and walked forward.

Lucian tried to get rid of her arm but failed.

Although Amelia was a little unhappy to see this, she understood what it meant soon when she thought of her present situation.

At the sight of her, Lucian was even more baffled.

"Claire, let go of my hand first. I have something to say to you." Lucian's voice was very gentle, but it felt like he was coaxing a naive child.

Claire also saw Amelia. She frowned and said unhappily, "Lucian, didn't you promise me to move into the SJ Garden?"

Amelia was still standing in the same place, looking at the two people in front of her in silence. But this time, her expression was not cold. On the contrary, she held a sweet smile.

Lucian knew that she meant well. But this time, he would not let Amelia down. He smiled and said, "Come here, Amelia."

She looked at Lucian with a smile on his handsome face. The gentleness and charm in his smile was beyond imagination.

The expressions on Claire's face changed dramatically as she saw the tenderness and affection shown casually in Lucian's face towards Amelia.

Amelia stood up and waved her hand enthusiastically and said, "How are you, Miss Claire?"

Claire didn't put any makeup on her face, and the comely look was

care of young master. I have something to talk with Mrs. Amelia." Lucian sat up straight and moved his body a little to the side of Amelia.

Lily knew that Lucian loved Amelia deeply in his heart, so she was not worried that he would be seduced by Claire.

Lily went upstairs obediently, and the living room suddenly quieted down.

Amelia looked at her with a smile on her face, "Miss Claire, please have some fruit."

Claire managed to make a smile on her face and said in a strange tone, "Your servants have a bad temper. I really don't know how you can bear it!"

Hearing that, Amelia's face froze. Then she explained with a smile, "Lily had some misunderstanding about Miss Claire. That's why she said those words. In fact, she is very kind-hearted. She is young and is very considerate to take care of people."

"Now I know what kind of person she is." Claire retorted.

"Claire, don't you want to check the letters? I'll keep them all. Let's go upstairs to have a look. " Lucian suggested. He didn't want to talk about this issue endlessly.

"Great!" Claire clapped her hands happily like an innocent child.

Seeing the smile on Claire's face, Amelia felt happy in her heart.

"Amelia, let's go together." Lucian reached out and patted Amelia on the shoulder, looking at her with tenderness and love.

Just as Amelia was about to say something, Claire stood up quickly and walked to Lucian. She said to him in a flirtatious tone, "Lucian, this is our story. I don't want others to know it."

Lucian's face suddenly changed and seemed a little embarrassed.

Fortunately, Amelia understood him at once. "Lucian, you can go with Miss Claire. It's time to feed Mark," she said.

Amelia understood what was going on in Claire's head. The loss on her face didn't affect her.

"Amelia..." He suddenly called her.

Amelia turned her head and looked at him doubtfully, "What's wrong?"

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