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   Chapter 186 A Clean Conscience Man

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"So you also believe that the news is true?" He even said those harsh words to her when he quarreled with her so fiercely just now.

He shook his head and looked at her beautiful face. "I don't believe it at all. I'm just a little angry with you."

He looked straight at her face and said it in such a calm way that made Amelia a little embarrassed.

Amelia lowered her head and avoided his burning eyes. "Even if you're angry with me, you shouldn't suspect me," she said

Lucian thought what she said was true, so he smiled and said, "If not, I really don't know that you are so stubborn."

Apparently, Lucian was making fun of her, but the atmosphere was much relaxed than just now.

After a minute's silence, Amelia muttered, "Lucian, you said that the most important thing between a couple is to trust each other. What about you? I don't trust you anymore!"

Now that she had spoken it out, she wanted to speak her mind freely.

Of course, Lucian knew why she didn't trust him. Putting on an enchanting smile, he looked at her seriously and said, "Amelia, I understand your feelings in the past two days. Just like when I saw the news about you and Jonny, I was also jealous."

Amelia suddenly blushed when she thought of those pictures. They did look too intimate.

"But I know you only have me in your heart." Lucian laughed complacently. He put his arms around Amelia's slender waist and said, "Don't mind what I said just now."

She was scared by the angry look on Lucian's face. If he hadn't smiled, she wouldn't have looked at him like that.

"Are you apologizing to me?" Amelia turned her head aside on purpose, pretending to be angry.

"Don't you feel much better after a quarrel?" Lucian gave a cunning smile and said, "Mrs. Amelia, I'm sorry. I didn't treat you well these days."

Knowing that Lucian wouldn't apologize so easily, Amelia felt warm in her heart when she saw the sincere look on his face. But she still kept a straight face and teased him deliberately, "I'm not a kid. Just add a candy to the wound after I was teased."

Suddenly, Lucian' face tensed up. He said in a stern voice, "Just let Mrs. Amelia punish me. I won't complain."

"Since you have spoken of this, I won't be so polite!" Amelia raised her head arrogantly, "Mark hasn't seen his father for two days. You must make up for him!"

"This is not a punishment. Be more ruthless!" Lucian smiled brazenly.

Looking at his extremely handsome face with a cheeky grin, Amelia said seriously, "Since we have to be frank with each other, can you tell me that you and Claire are really ...?"

She wanted to know, but she tried not to mention it. Now that Lucian "punished" himself, why not take this opportunity to ask.

Lucian had planned to have a good chat with


She had thought that it would be a lonely New Year's Eve. But now the misunderstandings were clarified. Their love was as good as before, which comforted her a lot.

At lunch time, Lily came back. She was wearing a brand new dress and holding a large bouquet of roses in her hand. At the same time, Lucian and Amelia were sitting in the living room to have fun. Seeing that Lily was just back, they smiled knowingly.

"Mr. Lucian, Mrs. Amelia, you two..." It took her quite a while to make it clear. "It's so good to see you two being together happily!" she said.

Although Lily was a servant in the SJ Garden, Lucian and Amelia treated her as their own sister. They were very grateful to her for caring about them.

"Lily, as long as he can correct his mistakes, I'll forgive him for once." Seeing the embarrassment on Lucian's face, Amelia said.

Lily was holding the red roses, like a shy girl who just reached puberty.

"Mr. Lucian, since you have been forgiven, I won't defend you. But don't do it again!" Said Lily arrogantly.

Normally, Lily wouldn't dare to speak to Lucian in this way. She just wanted to speak to defend Amelia when Lucian felt guilty.

However, Lucian didn't mind it at all. He smiled and said, "It seems that I really need to make a self-criticism. Before, Lily was grateful to me. But now, Lily is defending you."

Amelia acknowledged proudly and winked at Lily.

"What? Is that from your boyfriend?" Amelia suddenly became gossipy.

Her cheeks blushed instantly. Buried in the roses, Lily looked very shy.

"You have a boyfriend. It's not a shame. If you don't understand anything, you can ask Mrs. Amelia and let her check for you." Lucian sounded like an elder.

Lily nodded her head. She was deeply moved and said, "Mr. Lucian, Mrs. Amelia, don't worry. I won't be blind like last time."

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