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   Chapter 185 I Won't Divorce You

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Amelia did not understand why he sighed, but once she thought of his warning to her, she smiled with a slight mockery. "Making trouble out of nothing will only result in the opposite result. I'm very sensible now."

Although she said it casually, it sounded like she was in a fit of pique.

This sentence was like a sharp knife, stabbing in Lucian's heart.

Lucian held her hand and looked into her eyes. "Amelia, it's not what you think. I'll explain it to you after I deal with it."

'Explain after dealing with it?'? Amelia was amused and said, "The explanation doesn't matter at all. It's your attitude towards me."

In the past, he was always gentle to her. But since Claire appeared, he became very cold to her and even reproached her harshly.

Amelia didn't think she did anything wrong, so the coldness of Lucian disappointed her.

Her snort made Lucian angry. He frowned and asked unpleasantly, "Don't I treat you well? I don't think it's necessary for you to be angry for what I said in the hotel this morning."

Adele understood what Lucian meant. He just thought that it was unnecessary for Amelia to pay attention to that thing...

She was shocked. Looking at that handsome face which she was very familiar with, she suddenly had a feeling of trance. She said coldly, "Maybe I am not used to the life of the wealthy. I can't accept your so-called ordinary life. If you love her, you can tell me. Don't worry about it."

Amelia said in a low voice and felt sad.

Lucian was irritated by what she said. His face became colder and colder.

She had smelled the coldness in the air and felt the horror that was about to erupt the next moment.

As expected, Lucian stepped forward to draw the distance between them closer so that they could feel each other's warm breath.

Amelia could not help but hold her breath, her heart pounding wildly.

"What do you mean?" After some doubts, Lucian sneered, "Are the pictures on the news real?"

His deep eyes suddenly turned cold, making people feel chilly.

Photo? He asked in skeptical when he brought up the photo.

After he said that, Amelia's heart trembled all of a sudden. Then she felt a heartache spreading throughout her body recklessly.

Amelia looked at him coldly. After a long time, she said with a bitter smile, "If you think it's true, why bother to ask me?"

Amelia's indifferent attitude irritated Lucian. The next moment, her jaw was grabbed by him. He said coldly, "Don't pretend to be pitiful, which makes me upset!"

His tone sounded particularly angry as his eyebrows were furrowed in disgust.

She felt the throb of pain on her jaw, but she just frowned and held back her tears even if her eyes were red. She didn't want the weakness in her heart to work.

"Who is pretending to be innocent in front of you?" Amelia f

felt so strange at the scene in front of her.

"Amelia, I told you I would never divorce you!" Lucian looked at Amelia coldly and said with a self-mockery smile, "I swore in front of my mother's grave that I would take care of you for the rest of my life, no matter how eagerly you want to be with Jonny!"

Lucian looked fixedly and said in a tough tone, which once again stirred up waves in Amelia's heart.

She didn't know why she was a little excited when he said he wouldn't divorce her, but she couldn't be happy, because he was too angry to say that.

These words were out of anger, destroying the beautiful past.

"If you don't divorce me, you will let her down, won't you? You shouldn't have disappointed the woman you love just to get angry with me. Don't you think it's too worthless? " Although she was in a fit of pique, Amelia still managed to speak it out. After all, Claire had called the SJ Garden, which proved that she was eager to get married to Lucian.

Lucian frowned and replied impatiently, "I don't know if you have a brain, Amelia."

"Mr. Lucian, you have said that I am stupid more than once. It is really ironic. When you love me, you said that I am simple and kind; when you don't love me, you said that I am stupid. You change so fast, Lucian!" Then she laughed bitterly.

"Amelia..." Suddenly, Lucian's voice softened. He bent his face and looked at her affectionately. The sudden tenderness made Amelia's heart tremble and confused.

Her eyelashes fluttered with nervousness, and her cold voice suddenly became weak. "You... What's wrong?"

Taking a deep breath, he held her into his arms and scolded, "Why are you unwilling to give me an explanation? Anyway, I can't bear to part with you."

His words made Amelia's heart suddenly softened. Only bitterness was left in her heart because of grievance.

Her anger seemed to subside.

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