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   Chapter 184 A Call To Provoke

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"A smart woman named Claire called just now and asked you to leave the SJ Garden. She said that she would be Mr. Lucian's wife very soon... Lucian's wife... " Lily was so anxious that she could hardly speak clearly.

'Claire?'? She even asked me to move out of the SJ Garden?

Amelia had predicted that Claire would not sit still and wait. But she didn't expect her to be so impatient.

"Mark is asleep. I'll take him to the bedroom first." Amelia pretended to be calm and was about to go upstairs.

Still worried, Lily asked worriedly behind Amelia, "Mrs. Amelia, what's happened between you and Mr. Lucian? Mr. Lucian hasn't been home for two days. It's quite unusual. "

As far as she was concerned, Amelia and Lucian loved each other deeply. During the past two days, Lucian seldom came back home. Seeing the sullen look on Amelia's face, she guessed that they might have a fight.

"He's been busy recently, so he came home late tonight." Amelia replied lightly and then went upstairs.

After returning to the bedroom, she put Mark in the crib and sat next to him. She stared at him silently for a long time, feeling relieved and sad.

She knew that she was forcing a smile on her face, and that she was escaping from the reality.

At that time, fortunately Mark was with her, which made her less lonely, but she couldn't help feeling sad.

Both of Claire's words and the cold attitude of Lucian could make her feel disheartened.

Thinking of the sweetness she had felt before and looking at the scene now, Amelia's heart was filled with sadness as she saw the yellow leaves fall one by one at late autumn.

In the evening, after the sound of fireworks, through the floor to ceiling window, people could see the bright fireworks.

Amelia never had the habit of remembering the date. She even didn't pay attention to it when she was off duty. Maybe it was because she had a very complicated mood these two days that she even didn't notice it that it was New Year's Eve.

As soon as it was time for dinner, some people were eager to enter the gate of the next year.

Last year, Lucian and Amelia spent the New Year's Eve together. She still remembered that it was very romantic and they spent the night together. But now, she didn't see him.

Thinking of the words that Lily told her, her heart felt as if it had been soaked in cold water.

"Mrs. Amelia, shall we go out to set off fireworks?" Suddenly, Lily knocked on the bedroom's door and asked happily.

Amelia glanced at Mark in her arms and was about to turn her down, but on second thought, the New Year's Eve should be filled with joys. If Lucian didn't come back, she, Lily and Mark would be the only ones left in the SJ Garden. She couldn't imagine how disappointing it would be if she refused.

Amelia turned around with a smile and said, "Okay."

Lily knew that Amelia was in a bad mood and wanted to make her happy.

"Lily, when did you buy these fireworks?" Amelia looked at the rows of fireworks and asked curiously.

Lily blushed and replied, "A junior high school classmate sent it here."

Seeing the shyness on Lily's face, Amel

sent a message to Jonny and told him she was fine carelessly and didn't care about the false news on the Internet.

Amelia didn't think Lucian would come back so she went alone to the open space of the villa to set off all the fireworks.

The beautiful firework set off in the air, lighting up the empty ground and the luxurious villa.

The romantic scene should have been lively, but now, the more beautiful the fireworks were, the colder her heart became.

Although the fireworks were beautiful but only for a moment, was her love also gone, too. Was it about to wither now?

At about eleven o'clock in the evening, Lucian came back. The moment he opened the door of the bedroom, Amelia was shocked.

The man in front of her was in a suit. His handsome appearance made her breath fast. She had an inexplicable sense of tension.

"Is Mark asleep?" He asked lightly.

Standing by the side of the crib, Amelia looked away from the baby with amazement and answered indifferently, "He just fell asleep."

Then a long silence followed.

Amelia was in a bad mood. Although she had a lot to say, her mind was blank and didn't know what to say to break the embarrassment between them.

In the awkward atmosphere, the news about her and Jonny suddenly came to her mind. She looked up suddenly and couldn't help but think, 'Did Lucian come back to blame me?'?

She was still silent, as if she was waiting for Lucian to bring it up.

"It's New Year's Eve. I came back a little late." He spoke for a long time in an embarrassed tone.

Amelia wanted to shake her head and tell him that she was fine, but considering his attitude before and his attitude now was quite different from before, she did not say anything from beginning to end.

"You are too busy. I understand." She looked cold, as if she didn't care if he remembered spending the New Year's Eve with her or not.

Besides, after Claire showed up, he was almost not home, so there was no need to say such polite words.

"Amelia, I don't want any misunderstandings between us..." He sighed and spoke helplessly.

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