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   Chapter 183 Am I Making Trouble Out Of Nothing

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This was a comfort with a great sense of security, and gave Amelia a too much sense of happiness. Now, he had already said it to another woman.

'Lucian, is it true what Claire said that you can't speak to me to divorce just because of Mark?'

Like a defeated little soldier, Amelia collapsed against the wall, with countless sadness on her face.

She was about to leave, but when she heard the sound of opening the door of Claire, she couldn't help but stop. She turned her head and saw Lucian. He looked extremely handsome, but his face was cold.

Amelia didn't say anything. It seemed that she was waiting for him to speak.

After a long silence, Amelia thought that Lucian wouldn't say anything. Just then, he called out, "Amelia!"

His voice was like the water in a deep well with deep coolness.

Even so, Amelia was still very nervous.

In fact, she was afraid that he would say the word "divorce" so decisively.

She turned around. Even though she was terribly afraid, she had to face it bravely. A faint smile appeared on her face. Although she seemed to be smiling, in fact, there was no superfluous expression on her face because of nervousness.

"Don't come to her again. She is emotionally unstable and will have an attack of her disease if she is irritated." Lucian's tone was cold. Although he did not blame her, but those words really hurt her.

Amelia bit her lower lip and asked him after a long time, "Do you know her?"

"I don't care whether I know her or not. Now that she has found me, I can't be indifferent to her." Lucian told her specifically.

Perhaps she didn't make it clear to Lucian, so he didn't get her meaning at all. She then continued, "I mean, she pretends to be pitiful to win your and my sympathy!"

If Lucian had seen the way Claire acted just now, he wouldn't have thought that way.

Lucian's face darkened and a sullen look appeared in his eyes. He strode forward, with a touch of anger in his handsome face. It seemed that the anger had been accumulated for a long time. He scolded, "Aren't you always kind? Why are you suspicious about her? "

"Therefore, I have to choose to believe, accept, and make you reflect and make up for your past as a blind and deaf, just like a formal Mrs. Amelia." Amelia snapped back in fury. She was totally irritated.

Her gentleness was replaced by rage in her clear face and voice.

Lucian was also irritated. He pinched her chin, a taste of disgust born in his eyes, which was never seen in usual. "Making trouble out of nothing will only result in the opposite!"

The scene of Claire kneeling down with great eloquence, not caring about any of the words of Amelia, and the word "insane" said by her, had already let Lucian down. But now, she was still making trouble out of nothing. He couldn't hide his anger.

"Am I making tr

over the world. Why are you arguing for it?"

"Shelly! Shut up! " Jonny was a little angry and glared at his sister who never had a sister relationship with a brother.

Not showing weakness, Shelly stared back and said coldly, "Jonny, don't be superior to me even though you have become the president of the An Group. In my eyes, you are an unfilial bastard!"

With his brows knitted, Jonny looked a little angry. He walked up to Shelly, glaring at her arrogant face. "If you dare to send these photos to Lucian, I'll make you pay a heavy price!" he warned.

"If you're so afraid that I show these pictures to Lucian, do you mean that you're guilty? If you have a guilty conscience, it means that you have an affair with Amelia!" Shelly sneered, like she already got some evidence.

"Jonny, don't waste any more time on her. I believe that a clean hand wants no washing!" Amelia stood behind Jonny. She looked at Shelly with fearless eyes and said, "Miss An, if you want to commit a crime, you can always trump up a charge. If you insist on doing so, I won't stop you."

"Haha, you are such a passion of love!" Shelly looked at Amelia with disdain and said, "but you are going to be a black lotus that everybody spits on!"

"Amelia. You go in first. Don't listen to her nonsense. She's a lunatic!" Jonny was furious. Shelly didn't want to let them go so easily. The only thing he could do was to comfort Amelia.

"Thank you." Amelia curtsied to Jonny and entered the room with Mark.

"You'll see, Amelia. I'll see with my own eyes how you got kicked out of Zhan family" Shelly was still unwilling to give up.

As soon as Amelia entered the room, Lily came up to her and said anxiously, "Mrs. Amelia, you're finally back! If you don't come back, I really don't know what to do! "

Looking at Lily's nervous expression, Amelia was confused and asked, "Lily, what happened?"

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