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   Chapter 182 Let's Wait And See

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She was like a winner, feeling very proud that she had the upper hand in this battle.

Amelia was speechless for her self-confidence.

In fact, she was just flaunting her superiority.

"Amelia, right?" The girl looked at Amelia with a disdainful look. "I'm so sorry that Lucian has been away from you because of me. But he owed me. Please forgive him."

"Ha ha, how can you say that for granted. Do you know what you are doing is making Lucian feel guilty for another woman and their new baby?" Jonny was so angry that he punched heavily on the wall behind the girl, looking as if he was going to eat someone.

Obviously, the girl was frightened. She took a step back subconsciously. She felt aggrieved. "Lucian said that he wanted to make up for the mistake he made in the past. I can't do anything to make it up."

"Did Lucian say that?" Amelia looked at the girl in astonishment, thinking she had an auditory hallucination.

The girl at her age nodded her head and pouted. She looked at Amelia with a simple expression and said, "Lucian is worried about me. He takes care of me carefully and takes good care of me. At first, I just want to make up for what happened in the past. I didn't mean to influence the recent life of him. But he said he wouldn't let me suffer any more since I showed up again."

The girl's repeated words revealed a strong sense of happiness, and especially when she saw the pale face of Amelia, she felt a sense of pleasure.

With his eyes filled with concern, Jonny still felt sorry for Amelia. "Don't talk nonsense just because of Lucian's absence. Even if you were the past of Lucian, it doesn't mean that you can replace Amelia in his heart!"

"Sir, if I didn't get it wrong, you must be the man who are reported together with Amelia, right? You are so nervous about her. Is the news online true? " The girl took a glance at Jonny with disdain. She pursed her red lips and her face was full of sarcasm.

Jonny suddenly choked, and he seemed to feel that the girl in front of him was not easy to deal with. His eyes quickly calmed down and unhappy expression appeared on his face. "A clean hand wants no washing!"

"Well, I think you are speechless!" With a sneer, the girl turned to Amelia with a self-satisfied expression. She raised her eyebrows and asked coldly, "If you have a new boyfriend, why do you hold on to this marriage? Mr. An is also a rich man. You will live a happy life if you marry him. There is no need to struggle for the children! "

Looking at the girl in front of her, Amelia didn't get angry but smiled, "If I give up this marriage, can you be with Lucian?"

Although she had lost, she didn't want to give up.

Lucian was her wall. If she easily gave up, that wall would collapse, and then she would lose him forever.

The girl nodded with a smile and looked at Amelia with her sharp eyes. "Lucian is a man who is loyal and righteous. He can't say the words about divorce because you have given b

have felt sorry for her.

"Get up!" Amelia couldn't stand it anymore. She reached out her hands and tried to help her up.

"Mrs. Amelia, please don't drive me away. I have no relatives." Claire was eloquent but not able to get up. She was more emotional. With trembling all over her body, her face was pale. She once again tightly grabbed the hem of Amelia's clothes.

Amelia felt a little inexplicable. She did not mean to drive her away, so she was confused about the situation. She felt angry. "Are you insane? With such good acting skill, why didn't you choose to be an actor? Don't you ever try to get sympathy in this way? "

Seeing her crying with tears all over her face, Amelia thought it was quite ironic. Claire just threatened her with arrogance, and now she was kneeling and crying bitterly. If she entered the entertainment industry with this acting skill, she must win the best actress.

"Mrs. Amelia..."

"Don't beg her!" Just at this moment, a familiar voice suddenly came in, making Amelia quiver.

Although she didn't do anything, she felt guilty and shuddered all over.

It was Lucian. When did he come?

Did Claire do it on purpose to let Lucian know? Made herself as a weak, bullied little sheep, and made me a vicious bad woman?

"Lucian, you're here..." Claire's eloquent voice suddenly became obscure and she leaned toward Lucian and said with a sobbing tone, "Lucian, I thought you ignored me again..."

Before Amelia could come back to her senses from the false play, she saw that Claire lied on Lucian's chest as if she was a victim. Then Claire cried bitterly under his eyes.

Claire was so quick and cute, plus the tears falling from her eyes, which made the man feel a little sorry for her.

"Don't be afraid. It's all right." Lucian comforted her in a low voice and helped Claire walk into the hotel room.

Completely ignoring the existence of Amelia, the "don't be afraid" from him broke the deepest corner of Amelia's heart.

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