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   Chapter 181 It's Shameful To Be A 'Third Party'

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"Mrs. Amelia, Mr. Lucian is out..." Lucian went back home usually, but till now he didn't come back for two nights in a row. This kind of abnormality made Lily notice that there was a conflict between Lucian and Amelia, and she wanted to share some of the burdens for Amelia.

It was seven o'clock in the morning. In the winter, the thick fog had not yet dissipated. Outside the window, it was hazy, so the day broke slowly.

When Lucian used to go to the company, he should have just got up and would go downstairs for breakfast at half past seven... Was he so early today because he didn't want to see her?

"Mrs. Amelia, you look so bad. You should have a good rest." Said Lily worriedly as she found that Amelia looked pale and had severe dark circles under her eyes.

Lily's concern warmed Amelia's heart. Even Lily noticed that she was unhappy, but she hadn't gotten any concern from Lucian yet.

Amelia opened her mouth and wanted to say something. But finally she said nothing because she felt so uncomfortable.

In order to get enough milk water, she had to eat as usual even though she was in a bad mood. She didn't want Mark to have no milk water because of her emotions.

Just after lunch, Amelia received a call from Jonny.

"Amelia, I'm at the door of the SJ Garden. Take the child out and I'll take you to a place." Said Jonny in a low voice on the other end of the phone.

Although Amelia had no idea what was going on, she did as he ordered.

After getting on the car, Amelia looked at Jonny and asked curiously, "what's up, Jonny?"

Because of the lack of sleep in the past two days, she looked terrible. After sitting in the car, Jonny noticed that.

He fixed his eyes at her pretty face and said lovingly, "Amelia, we haven't seen each other for only two days. Why do you look so haggard? Is it because of the gossip on the news?"

Amelia looked at Mark. Looking at Mark who was sleeping soundly in her arms, the gloom in her heart faded for a while, and a smile came over her lips. She said duplicitously, "I've got a bad sleep these days. Even if I sleep a lot in the daytime, I can't remove the dark circles around my eyes. It can be seen that it's a huge work to remove the black circles!"

But her forced smile didn't work. Instead, Jonny was a little irritated. "Whether it is because of the false news on the Internet or because of me, I won't allow you to be wronged at all!" he said coldly.

"False news?" Amelia didn't know what news Jonny was referring to, so she asked vaguely, "Why are you so angry? Is it because there is another improper rumor on the Internet?"

There were many negative comments about her on the Internet, so it was a common thing for Amelia. But she didn't expect that it also had something to do with Jonny.

After she glanced through the news post on the Internet, she found the eye-catching headline that Mrs. Amelia of the Zhan Group had a one night affair with the president of t


"You two?" The one who opened the door was a girl, whom Amelia met a few days ago. She was dressed in a pink dress, snow-white skin and her blonde wavy hair hanging on both sides of her shoulders. She looked very sweet and lovely.

The girl's face was much better than it was two days ago.

At the thought of this, Amelia laughed at herself in mind, 'women with the nourishment of love can hardly look not good.'

"Miss, we're looking for Lucian." Said Jonny in a cold voice.

It seemed that the girl didn't intend to let Amelia and Jonny in. She stood in the way of the door, frowned deeply and said reluctantly, "Lucian isn't here. Don't come in!"

Jonny, who was tall, glanced at the room first, and then said angrily, "Because you are a woman, I don't want to make a fuss with you, but I have to remind you that being a third party in other people's marriage is really shameful!"

"The third person?" The girl couldn't help laughing out. She glanced at Amelia with disdain and said with a sense of complacency, "If I hadn't lost connection with Lucian suddenly, he wouldn't have been together with another woman!"

The girl said in a firm tone and looked at Amelia with cold and sharp eyes.

The girl's blatant provocation made Amelia calm, with a faint smile on Amelia's face.

Amelia agreed with what she said. Because Lucian treasured those letters so much that she knew he was concerned about the girl who wrote these letters very much.

What upset her most was that Lucian had said that it was a thing of the past and that she would be with him in the future. But what happened then?

"I don't care about the feelings between you and Lucian. But now that he has a wife and a child, you are disturbing their happiness. So please behave yourself!" Jonny said angrily.

Hearing Jonny's words, the girl's face turned red, but she still smiled, not to be outdone. "So what? After reading the letter, Lucian still comes to see me crazily."

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