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   Chapter 179 Shameless

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After ending the conversation with Eric, Amelia thought about who else could get information about Lucian besides Eric.


When she thought Jonny's name in her mind, Amelia dialed his number quickly.

It seemed that every time she called Jonny, he always answered the phone quickly, and this time was no exception.

She hadn't called Jonny for a long time. When the phone was connected, Amelia felt a little embarrassed, but she still summoned up her courage to ask, "Jonny, you... Have Lucian contacted you recently? "

She tried to ask Jonny by the way of devious questioning, so that she wouldn't cause the panic in Jonny's heart.

"Lucian?" Jonny obviously hesitated, but he quickly replied, "Because of business, we often meet with each other. What's wrong?"

That was to say, Jonny didn't know where Lucian was either. Then, she said to him, "Well, I'm fine. Have a good rest."

She tried to be free and easy, but her words were hasty.

It was midnight and it was a harassment for her to call Jonny.

"Amelia, didn't Lucian go home tonight?" Jonny asked carefully.

After a moment's silence, Amelia thought that this was the business between her and Lucian. So she laughed and said, "Lucian was home. He may be busy with his work. He hasn't come back since he went to the company, so I'm calling..."

She was really not good at lying, which could be found out in just a few words.

Lucian was working overtime in the Zhan Group, but she called Jonny... It didn't make sense.

On the other side of the phone, Jonny took a deep breath, and then said in a low voice, "Amelia, even not to mention about our previous friendship, you are like my sister now. If you have any difficulties, I hope you can tell me, instead of being anxious alone."

After a short silence, Amelia thought that Jonny was right. She'd better ask Jonny to find Lucian than worry about him alone.

She had never seen him lose his temper like that. And she hadn't heard him speak to her in a cold voice for a long time...

She was nervous when she thought of this.

After telling the whole story to Jonny, Jonny continued, "Don't worry. I'll pick you up at the SJ Garden."

To her surprise, Jonny didn't tell her where to look for Lucian, but told her to pick her up.

If Lucian didn't come back tonight, Amelia couldn't sleep well, so she agreed with Jonny's suggestion.

About twenty minutes later, Jonny arrived at the SJ Garden.

After hanging up the phone, Amelia waited at the gate. It was midnight, so she was still trembling with cold even in a thick coat.

"Put on my coat." Jonny took off his suit jacket and put it on Amelia. Seeing that she was shivering because of the cold, he felt very sorry for her.

"Jonny, there is heating in the car. You can wear it." After they got into

, so she opened the door immediately. However, the moment she opened the door, she found that it was Shelly who had not seen her for a long time.

"Miss Shelly?" Amelia was a little surprised. She looked at Fannie, who was standing behind Shelly. She couldn't say a word.

"It's said that you and Jonny got a room in this hotel. I didn't expect it to be true!" Fannie took the initiative.

"Get out of here.".

It was half past one in the morning. It was quiet around. Many guests were awakened by the noise, and some of them wore bathrobes.

"Mom, it's not like what you said..." Amelia denied in a hurry. When she was about to give an explanation, she saw Lucian walk out from the opposite room. She asked in surprise, "Lucian, are you really here?"

Then, Amelia looked at the girl behind Lucian. Amelia remembered that the girl she met this morning. She was wearing a white bathrobe, and her hair was still wet...

Amelia froze and could not feel anything.

"Lucian, why are you here?" In surprise, Shelly looked at the girl behind Lucian and asked, "Who is she?"

"Lucian, look at Amelia. She is so shameless. How dare she sleep with another man behind your back!" She pointed at Amelia's nose and continued, "It was said on the news that she had an affair with Jonny. There were even rumors that Mark was the child of them! Now it seems that there is no smoke without fire! "

Hearing Fannie's words, Amelia trembled with anger. Before she could say anything else, she interrupted with a blush, "You can insult me, but not my baby!"

Even if the young generation had offended the elderly, she would not allow Fannie to slander her and Lucian's child.

Lucian stood aside and said nothing. His cold face was both familiar and strange.

The girl behind Lucian seemed frightened. She hugged his arm and whispered in his ear, "Lucian, I'm scared..."

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