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   Chapter 178 I Don't Want To Upset You

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Seeing the anger on her face, Amelia was afraid that Fannie would quarrel with Nicholas so she explained immediately, "Dad, don't worry. Mark is in heavy clothes."

She didn't think too much when she was in a hurry, so her words were easily caught by Fannie.

"Amelia, I don't like what you say." Fannie glared at her and asked, "Do you mean that I hurt Mark deliberately?"

Amelia was confused. She thought about what she had said before and explained, "Mom, I mean what Dad said doesn't matter at all. Don't misunderstand what I mean..."

"Fannie, don't make a mountain out of a molehill. Watch your tongue!" Nicholas knew that Amelia was a honest person. She would not defend herself nor hurt others, so he found it hard not to continue defending for her.

"Don't help!" Hearing Nicholas speak for Amelia, Fannie became extremely excited. She pointed at Nicholas's nose and berated, "Do you think you can hide your sins by pretending to be a kind father?"

Fannie got angry and looked cruel. When Amelia heard Fannie's angry face in front of Nicholas, Amelia was a little dazed. Amelia even thought that the period of Fannie's gentle character was only a dream.

She seemed to have turned back to her sharp lips.

After hearing what Fannie said, all the anger on Nicholas' face suddenly subsided. What remained was only silence and embarrassment, which were lack of confidence.

Amelia took Mark over from Nicholas and comforted them, "Dad, mom, don't be angry. I was wrong..."

Amelia hoped that her apology could dispel the frustration between Nicholas and Fannie.

"I can understand that you are lack of upbringing, but I don't want Lucian's child to be as dumb as you." Fannie was determined not to let off the hook so easily.

Nicholas was furious, but he couldn't say anything when he thought of the past. After all, it would be better if only one person knew it.

Amelia felt aggrieved, but she knew Fannie well. What she could do was to obey her.

Hearing Amelia's submissive attitude, Fannie was overjoyed. The more she bullied her, the better her temper would be. Perhaps Amelia would retreat in the face of difficulties as time went by.

Amelia had planned to have dinner in the Zhan mansion before she went home, and Lucian came to pick her up after work. However, seeing the situation in front of her, she had to say, "Mom, Dad, I have an appointment with Courtney for dinner tonight. I'm leaving now."

Since she was still in a rage, Fannie didn't say anything. Besides, Nicholas also knew that it was not good for Amelia to stay here, so he didn't mean to persuade her to stay.

After coming out of the Zhan mansion, Amelia got relaxed. She kissed Mark and gradually calmed down.

Shortly after entering the SJ Garden, Lucian came back and said, "If my father hadn't called and told me that you were back, I would have picked you up in the Zhan mansion."

Holding Mark in her arms, she then remembered that she had told Lucian befo

me take care of Mark. I'll clean it up." Amelia walked into the study and picked up the things piled up on the ground.

Amelia didn't know what was in the letter. But when she saw the cold look on Lucian's face, her heart felt like she was on the top of an iceberg, shivering.

She tidied up the messy study and went downstairs quietly. Just as she went downstairs, she saw Lily comforting Mark, who was crying. She walked over and held him in her arms. "Mark must be hungry. You go to eat first and I'll feed him."

It was already seven o'clock in the evening, and the dishes on the table had already been cold.

Lily heated up the dishes again and went to the living room to take Mark over, urging Amelia to have lunch.

"Mrs. Amelia, for the sake of Mark, you must have a good meal." Seeing the disappointment on Amelia's face, Lily tried to comfort her with a smile.

What Lily said was right. Mark had to eat even though she felt sad because of the absence of Lucian.

After dinner, Amelia called Lucian but his phone was off.

She sat on the sofa and didn't realize it was midnight.

"Mrs. Amelia, young master is asleep. Please go to bed early." She walked into the living room and whispered to Amelia who was staring blankly.

"Okay." Amelia answered in confusion. Then she cast a glance at the clock on the wall with mixed feelings.

She didn't know what had happened. But Lucian was really angry when he left.

After returning to the bedroom, Amelia called Eric, the assistant of Lucian, and asked him if he knew where Lucian was.

"Mrs. Amelia, I don't know. Mr. Lucian went home directly after work..." Eric replied apologetically at the other end of the phone.

At this moment, Amelia's mood was like the fast flowing river across her heart, as if she was almost submerged by the river.

"Mrs. Amelia, please don't worry. I'll go out and find him for you."

"Okay. Call me as soon as you get any news." Amelia grasped the phone and answered.

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